Can someone clarify front of events book

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Can someone clarify front of events book

Postby lucky » Sun Jul 15, 2007 3:50 pm

Please reply to this topic in 'Sound' forum

ANy time anyone wants to book and event I always tell them, read the guidelines on the front of the events dairy and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED WAY BEFOREHAND - DON'T ASSUME WE WILL HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED.

Then they do read the front of the book. If it comes to the night and they panic, it's their own fault and I warned them.

PLEASE put something on front of the events book about sound. Maybe someone would like to redo the guidelines in general and make sure the info is still relevant.

(skip to the end to miss out the rant)

When people come to do events and panic, I panic. And the Nachos are burning under the grill. No one's serving the customers. And I'm still trying to find a Night Manager. And this guy/chicks pissed off with me because I don't know the code for the Cave because there's not enough cymbal stands and seem unhelpful and I'm wondering if we're really being as clear as we can about what they have to do. Or I want to tell him/her that they are stupid and should know better.

Oh, wee rant. I'm going to post this up in Cave and Events too. I think we could maybe be a lot clearer about how much we are/ are not able to help people when doing events.

Maybe we don't need to, and they should just know better.

But the KM can't deal with it when thinking of so many other things.


Basically, I'm asking in a roundabout way if someone can make sure the front of the Events book is ultra clear, relevant and accurate.

Shears, Alex*

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