Blender Redux: Meeting! Monday: 7pm Monday 7pm

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Blender Redux: Meeting! Monday: 7pm Monday 7pm

Postby ravanwin » Wed Sep 05, 2007 12:31 pm


Forest is going to plan a 3 day party for mid-october using the upstairs hall and the downstairs cafe space. We want to freak-out, rock-down and art-i-fy. We want to jam, we want to blow the organ and tinkle the bells and basically, cram as much good, interesting, artistic, community stuff into 3 days as possible.

SOOOOOO! If you want to come along with your ideas for ways to make a massive October Party than come along.

Think about bands, workshops, art projects, sound installations, theatre, massages, hair cuts, paint, art jam, slide projectors, close your eyes
and dream baby dream
dream baby dream

Meeting: Monday: 7pm
Be there.

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