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IK:Toms / Folkadot

Post by ravanwin » Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:12 am

Hi there -

last festival these guys came and ran a bunch of great nights upstairs for free durring the festival insuring that we had a good mix of stuff with good audiences. They are london-based and collective oriented and this year they are planning a tour in conjunction with the Edinburgh dates. They need about £100 which is about what it costs all of them to get up here. So - I think we should do give them £100 from the events budget with a mind to remember that they'll make this money back very easy within the first hour of their first gig. True.

Any thoughts?
-- below is a letter:

Hello Forest Committee!

For the week starting Thurs 12th August, IKTOMS will be taking ten of its most loved artists from the London scene up to Edinburgh to play a three night residency at The Forest Cafe, following up on the good times and successes Folkadot had in that role last year. Along the way they'll be playing Manchester, York and Worcester.

We'll be cramming into a minibus for the tour, but it's all currently still quite expensive, and the artists are all involved on a "pay-in" basis. A conservative estimate of the total cost of minibus hire and fuel involved in the trip is £750 (this doesn't include any accomodation, food, promotion or additional expenses). IKTOMS are going to pay in at least £100. We would be incredibly grateful if The Forest might be able to match that figure, or even to improve on it, but any contribution at all would be highly valued.

We can't wait to come and play for you guys, the acts we have on board are all incredible, and The Forest is a really exciting place to play, so thankyou for the opportunity.


Kevin Molloy

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Post by Shannon » Mon Jul 21, 2008 1:15 pm

I think there is still money in the travel budget and would be good for them to get it.

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