THE BLENDER: Oct. 3 & 4

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THE BLENDER: Oct. 3 & 4

Postby ravanwin » Sat Sep 27, 2008 5:23 pm

Hi all -

So, hey. there aren't any parties in September right? So we stick this as soon as is legally possible, the beginning of october. We got a load of friends chipping in and putting on the weekend.

Fridays got Pageant launching new style season upstairs, with LuckyMe playing icey-hot musics. Downstairs: Unique Beats, bringing live electo in a crash version.

Saturday: Downstairs: Come art crew plan to destroy you with artjump. and Upstairs: Lucky 7 is the super easy relaxer with the luscious early ska mash up.

free of course, and with booze too.

Please help make the party massive by telling everyone!

Early start! 7pm -1am!

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