Forest Programme 16/02 - 22/02

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Forest Programme 16/02 - 22/02

Postby Roman » Mon Feb 16, 2009 6:41 pm

Monday 16th February

7pm - Pet's Polution
Animation, Videos, Short movies,
little premiere of N.A.T.F. movie

9pm - Film Night: The Weather Underground
Directed by Sam Green and Bill Siegel
Sam Green and Bill Siegel's documentary about a radical group
whose stated goal was the violent overthrow of the U.S. government
details a valuable chapter in the history of the '60s protest movement
and leftism in America.
The Weathermen were a faction of Students for a Democratic Society
(SDS), one of the driving forces behind the period's mass protests
against social injustice and the Vietnam War. Frustrated by SDS's
adherence to non-violent dissent, the Weathermen broke off and
adopted a more combative approach. As the student protests
ebbed in the 1970s, the group went underground and shifted tactics.

Tuesday 17th February

5pm - 5 piece Jam

Piano, Saxophone, Voice, Guitar and Drums -
Original music in the making!

9pm - Woodstock Jam
Blues/Funk/Reggae/60's Jam

7pm - Forest Choir
Every Tuesday, ALL WELCOME!
7pm-8pm: drop in, have fun.
8 – 9.30pm more focused session for people who want to work
towards performances.
For more information contact: Chandra (

7.30 - Spanish Workshop (Advanced)
Os apetece divertiros mientras mejorais vuestro español?
Quereis hablar con mas gente y conocer cosas sobre España?
Animaros y venir a la Crafty Room todos los martes!

Wednesday 18th February

7pm - 78s
Gramophone records on
wind-up gramophone

9pm - Golden Hour
A Very Special Golden Hour featuring the Legendary Paper Cinema
w/ Kora!!!
The Lost World - "You can't escape the dinosaurs. You can only hope to contain them! (on a remote island; preferably with Samuel L. Jackson)." All performances will have a Lost World Theme that
will tie together One City / One Book campaign!

9pm - Italian lessons (Crafty Room)
Andrea, your Italian teacher would like to start it with simple
sentences like "how are you?" "how old are you?" ect.
He’s got two italian books, one is just a romance wich we can use for reading and the other is about grammar.
The idea is star following this two lines however any idea is welcome. He thought you might listen to an italian song or watch a movie
(la vita è bella is a good one) or imagine some situations and act them...venite ragazzi!

Thursday 19th February

-just for volunteers-

Friday 20th February

(Brand New Interactive Gig)
Mike, Ida, Taskin, Kandy and Sam are simultaneously composing
improvisational music on guitar, piano, drums, vocal and violin to the
lyrics you give during the concert: COME and GIVE YOUR WORDS!!!

7pm - The Forest Drama Drama Drama Group presents...
Super Heroes: A night of howling and revellry, Mockery and Mayhem. And Dancing!

Saturday 21th February+Sunday 22th February

Sorry the Forest Cafe is closed this weekend due to Building maintenance works!
See you on Monday!

PS.: We are redecorating the aubergine room
(the room right next to the entrance) which
is waiting for your action!
If you have fancy ideas for walls, lamps, chairs, tables etc. please go to
and discuss them in our forum!
"Don't trust anyone over thirty" - Jerry Rubin

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