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Monday 9th March

6.30pm - Thatcher and the dead sheep

1984 - Film and Discussion

9pm - The captain and friends

A night of silly music and fun

Tuesday 10th March

6pm - Drumgasm (Crafty Room)

Anything can be a drum and anyone a drummer,
no experience whatsoever necessary; just show up
and we'll play some harmonious percussions.
We'll have some cool games/exercises to learn
to play together with eachother. drums are provided,
unless you have one sounding awesome!

7-9pm: Forest choir - ROXY Arthouse

8.30pm-late: Forest Drama Group - ROXY Arthouse

9pm - Woodstock Love

Blues/Soul/Love and Reggae
Percussion and Brass Welcome!!!

Wednesday 11th March

7pm - 78s from 7 to 8

Gramophone hour: 78rpm records played on portable HMV wind-up-gramophone

5pm - Bike Generator Workshop
The Forest Bicycle Generator Workshop. An opportunity to learn about and build machines to generate power from pedalling. All welcome. No experience necessary, but an enthusiasm for off-grid power is a must!

7pm - Spanish Workshop (Beginners)
If you still don’t understand what your Spanish boy-friend says when he is drunk, you have to join this free Spanish workshop. Do it this Wednesday, Nerea will be your new amazing teacher!

9pm - Italian lessons (Crafty Room)
Andrea, your Italian teacher would like to start it with simple sentences like "how are you?" "how old are you?" ect.
He’s got two italian books, one is just a romance which you can use for reading and the other is about grammar.
The idea is star following this two lines however any idea is welcome. He thought you might listen to an italian song or watch a movie (la vita è bella is a good one) or imagine some situations and act them...venite ragazzi!

9pm - Dynamix

Eclectic and electric music from South Africa to Scotland and later on
live electronic sets from Pope & Melvitronica

Thursday 12th March

8pm - The Forest Music Jam

Grab your instruments and join us to
have some good sounds and friends!
Beginners welcome!

7pm - Ruthelise Snowe

singer/songwriter performance/guitarist

9pm - Fingerpickalicious

Monthly music gig acoustic guitars etc.

Friday 13th March

2pm - Free Guitar Classes
3pm - Free Saxophone Classes

Come to free Guitar & Sax workshops run by Marcos

12pm till late - The Forest Drama Drama Drama group presents...

Bright one in the Forest - Time, Tea, happiness and crazy dancing...
Bright on T.B.A/C

Saturday 14th March


Event: music, performers, T.B.C/A

Sunday 15th March

7pm - Ides of March

Birthday Ball - Music and Variety Show

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