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Monday 23rd March

7pm - Will Tattersal
The Hectic Eclectic Folk Choir present ANTI – FOLK SOLO Subject matter includes: William Blake, badgers, aliens, cowboys and romance

9pm - Film Night ''Time of the Gypsies''
Directed by Kusturica, 1988. Take a 10-piece Gypsy band, add a hefty dose of opera, a dash of punk rock, a unicyclist and a flock of geese and simmer into a heady concoction, taking care to keep the lid on.

Tuesday 24th March
7.00 - 8.30pm: No Borders Film Nigth
- Outside of Europe -
A critical, short documentary examining the exclusionary nature of EU immigration and border policies and the responsibilities that are placed on periphery countries to handle the flow of migrants and refugees. - Refugees of the global economy -
Three stories of immigrants who left their homes in Bolivia, Haiti, and the Philippines after global economic powers devastated their countries, only to face new challenges in the United States.

Wednesday 25th March

7pm - 78s from 7 to 8 Gramophone Hour 78rpm records played on a portable wind-up.

9pm - “Ruby & the Emeralds”
Hectic Beats and Soul Ridden Rhythms. Big freaky interplanetary boogaloo. Get your tight pants off and get your fonky head ON!!!

Thursday 26th March

7pm - Laughing Buddha
Fusion of tibetan folk music e modern tibetan music

9pm - The Lyrans Acustic open jam for human beings and other intergalactic, time travelling species.

Friday 27th March

7pm - Poetry Event
Lusophone scottish poetry

9pm - Borthwicks + Tiny Mouth
Starting in Christmas 2005, Borthwicks has evolved and changed and chopped over the last few years. Over the years the band have played through numerous styles including indie, rock and metal.

Saturday 28th March

12am - Seed Swap
An event for any green fingered folk to come along and share their seeds.

7pm - Ryan Koriya “An intimate and honest first stone cast by a voice that you’ll be glad you got to meet”.

9pm - The Robin Brill Experience Calum Mason and Gary Rafferty present a night with acoustic , psychedelic and lyrical music!

Sunday 29th March
9pm till close - Reggae Sunday...Celebration Special!
Live Music from Edinburgh's finest players and the choicest cuts from rare DJs. Come dance your socks off and feel the rhythm on this special occasion as The Forest is filled with the positive vibration of celebration!

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