Bowery closing for summer, one last chance for events.....

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Bowery closing for summer, one last chance for events.....

Post by Jane » Mon Jul 13, 2009 11:56 am

As some of you might know already, the Bowery won't be running as a venue this Festival. Instead, the good people of the Pleasance will be operating the whole building for Fringe shows and delicious pints of Magners, mmmn (?). We'll be closed from July 19th until September 5th, when the building will be reopening in magnificent style with a fucking good party.

In the meantime, this week is your last chance to drink gin from teacups, sprawl in the basement and tell us how much you love us.

Monday 12th is Drawing Class: expect themes, props, nudity, set designs, discussion and gin and tonics. Free, 7pm in the Bandstand.

Wednesday 15th there will be Book Club with poetry and other words from some of Edinburgh's finest wordsmiths, including a reading by the Scottish Poetry Library's Reader in Residence, Ryan Van Winkle, hosted by our very own Dave Coates. Free, 8pm in the Bookery.

On Friday 17th we're taking over the theatre upstairs for a night of two gigs! The Corncrakes from Belfast will be playing their own harmonious mix of acoustic indie folk with support from The Colourful Band, while downstairs Cactus and The Grape present the magnificent William Douglas, Hailey & Jed, Mat Riverie and Jam on Bread (7pm, £3).

Finally, Sat 18th is goodbye, and should go out in style with Song By Toad's Summer Party. Open mic in the bar, Yusuf Azak and FOUND (stripped down). Dress florally or you'll have florals foisted upon you. We basically need to empty our supplies with this one so come drink us dry. Ok?

After that, keep your festival eyes peeled for some Bowery gigs at secret locations during the summer. We'll be cropping up in some of the likely places with our harmoniums, light boxes and alcoholic habits.
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