Action Working Group - Sunday 13th September

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Action Working Group - Sunday 13th September

Postby milk » Sat Sep 12, 2009 10:21 am

to happen at 7pm in the action room.

agenda points to discuss;

* action room

cleaning?! including getting rid of accumulated crap. set a deadline? make posters warning of impending unfairly imparted possession doom. free shop it?!

* crafty room

who is the co-ordinator? what do they need to do? apart from arranging people to help tidy it and liaising with the workshop co-ordinator.

what's happening with the drama drama drama stuff in the back cupboard? how much is just random crap? there should be space for storage for other workshops that require it?

* promoting the forest as a community resource

it would be good to make it obvious what we offer community groups and potential workshops when it comes to resources and time available in the action & crafty room, etc.

hey, if you don't like it, post on the BB (so you can ask about participating for better) | MilkMiruku

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