Chromosome Ballet

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Chromosome Ballet

Postby secret slapper » Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:33 pm

Dear Folks,

I want to set up a game on the meadows, themed on chromosome segregation which I study in the uni. The idea is that pairs of "sister chromatids" stay together before cell division and dance with each other, waiting for special ropes to be sent to them from two poles. When it happens they dance a bit more under tension, and then simultaneously separate and go to the poles, which is very dramatic. It's very up to dancers' imagination, and easy, but very beautiful, funny, and educational, so that Meadows bypassers of all ages will be joining in. We tried that already with kids at the arts college, it's total pleasure, and space for exploration. we even got a little grant to set it up, so I'm buying materials - ropes, etc., any ideas welcome. We are planning to make a big show next summer, so let's take it easy, I think it's better when nothing is explored yet. Any enthusiasts?

Secret Slapper (SASHA).

PS my nick is for another silly thing that we could set up in forest - a high wall with bottom-sized holes, where people can stick their bottoms to recieve a secret slap

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