Events team meeting 06 Nov - Minutes

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Events team meeting 06 Nov - Minutes

Post by Arren » Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:06 pm

Events team meeting minutes 06/11

Is anyone available to represent events team at volunteer inductions 1200-1400 on Sun 17th?
(Some of you may like to go along regardless, it’s for new/fairly new vollies to learn about what Forest is, and some safer spaces stuff too)

Does anyone have a timescale for the Forest library to be back in full force? Sounds like it will be golden.
Ela has instigated a discussion group that will eventually be linked to the content of the library, but is also having a ‘practice run’ on Monday, 11 Nov at 1830 near the sofa. Would anyone like to join us to discuss an as-yet-undecided-but-definitely-interesting topic?

I (Arren) am going to stop doing events stuff except maybe sound. Rachel is interested in picking up a lot of the things I usually do, so will be involved with the events team as well as KMing (whooop!).
I am only half running away and will definitely still be available when needed, and on the end of the phone in case I have accidentally left any traps behind me as I go.
I’ll be getting her up to speed on what we do, what our ongoing/yet-to-commence projects are etc, so it is a great time to bring ideas to the table!

11 Nov – Discussion group – see above
14 Nov - Misha Doumnov solo guitar/violin. Vocal mic, instrument mic. 8-10pm
15 Nov - Rhetoric magazine launch - probably full PA. Sounds like great event, anyone in to help on the night? 7-10pm.
17 Nov – Vollie induction 12-2pm, Inky Fingers speakeasy in basement 2-5pm, no set up needed. FAT meeting sometime in the evening too.
23 Nov - Volunteer party (provisional date)! – Not for helping at, for dancing at!

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