Cafe and Events meeting Tues 4th Sept 2007

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Postby lucky » Wed Sep 05, 2007 3:18 pm

Posted With Amendments

Minutes Cafe and Event Meeting 04/09/07

Present - Alex, Faith, Shannon, Ryan, Graeme, Dai, Jane, Dan,
Tardy - Gareth, James, Danny,
Left - Chris

Toilet Lock and Door Closers
Fixing Workshop
Night Manager Letters
H&S Inspection
Vollie Party
Amazing Volunteers
No Shows
Barred Cam
Cheeky people
Volunteer Recruitment
Events Posters
Sound Engineers
Alcohol licence

Action Points in BOLD

Toilet Lock - AP Greme to sort lock on Staff/'Disabled' Toilet

Door Closers - AP Graeme to sort door closers

Workshop – It's a total mess and needs fixed. Nix thinks it's not really that bad. None of us believe that statement to be true. Next wednesday big meet at noon to fix.

NM Letters – Alex apologises for not showing new NM Bernie the ropes properly which lead to a noise complaint as windows were left open and front door locked while people were inside. He thought Bernie was a NM before. Alex cried a bit. SHANNON – update and make sure people get them. KMs to Train people up and go through EVERYTHING when inducting people. Locking front door while people are in – fire people say to make sure staff member there to let people out, but we are fine in general due to the massive church and downstairs fire exits.

H&S inspection - Ryan- We're due for H&Safety check soon. Environmental Health actually, for tea. Iinvite him in, be nice, offer cake which he will refuse politely. Should be 10-11am. Fires lazers at fridges.
AP – Graeme fixing the fridge.

Vollie Party – Alex – SleepLess In SeForrest. A party that will be a gathering of Forest vollies exlusively, as they've worked so hard. A Sat Night, Alex will book in Events Book and organise it – IT'S SAT 22ND

Amazing Volunteers – Ryan's all over it like jaws on a group of swimming children. – Free meals and genuine letter of amazement.

Cheeky people – there are some cheeky people. [b/]Alex will speak to them.

No Shows – Problem in general. Same for newbies and established volunteers. Biggest excuse is people didn't have the Forest phone number. Other discussions on verbal warning. [b]Jane to make Forest Phone number thing.

Barred Cam – Ryan to get Barred Cam in Action.

Volunteer Recruitment – Freshers Fair. Shannon to go to University and find outside organisations fair. Dan – Charities fair, £75 of charity money needed. Maybe share a chair with Dan. Nix – Make a cool poster. Ryan – make it amazing and orgiginal. Nix – it will be. Jane to make flyer for Freshers Fair.

Events posters – Should we make templates for the posters we can then place events on stuff quickly. AP Nix and Dai Sept Events. Jane touch Swithun to make future events posters.

Tabletops – Let's stop tallking about them. ALEEEEXXXXXX!!! Consider it done tonight.

Sound Engineers – Make a list as a sticky at the top of the Sound BB of people who can sound engineer. Ryan – make our own events book, sections for various things about what you have to do in order to make sure everything happens, bind it and make it cool. AP – Gareth and Shannon. Shannon – let's try this until the end of the year and see how it goes. FAITH will make a front cover. Very cool.

Alcohol Licence - Do we want alcohol licence for Electronic Music thing U/D/Stairs 1st w/e Oct. Fri Sat Sun, through the next 14 days for events. Could have a blender during this time. Say ELECTRO is 2 weeks long in order to get licence. Everyone agrees. When shall we do a thing we can put a huge amount of effort in. Will do it 12th Oct w/e. Ryan Apply for license. Meeting about huge party/blender/records launch on Mon 10th 7pm.

Record Launch – Pendulums and Mikey playing, Dirk and Crave on live video LinkUp. So cool!

Film Programming – Everyone's dissapeared. Someone wants to do Tues nights weekly documentary night from 18th Sept.. Dispute over which night and is weekly appropriate. Month Trail Period 7-9pm Tuesdays. AP – Shannon talk to Tariq about having it fortnightly. Massive discussion about films. People to get names to Dai by tommorrow.

Menu – The Handsome Jack, and redoing outdated stuff – bottom three teabags and rasp lemonade. Who's going to redo the menu? AP – Shannon to 'do it' with Sean.

Advertising/Distribution – There's someone called Grant who hangs out here and is happy to distribute things wot we have. Grant to be given flyers to distribute our stuff. AP Ryan to hand him things.

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Postby chombee » Wed Sep 05, 2007 3:55 pm

No Shows – Problem in general. Same for newbies and established volunteers. Biggest excuse is people didn't have the Forest phone number. Other discussions on verbal warning. Jane to make Forest Phone number thing.

The forest's phone number is really hard to find on the website. Is the plan to make little cards to hand out to vollies? If so what about these? ... 3636#13636

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Postby Gaz » Wed Sep 05, 2007 10:19 pm

Toilet Lock - AP Greme to sort lock on Staff/'Disabled' Toilet

Also the left hand toilet downstairs doesn't lock.
That is bad.

Also. I think the kitchen crew should get a microwave that is less scary.
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