Cave Working Group Minutes (6/7/2007)

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Cave Working Group Minutes (6/7/2007)

Postby petewylde » Fri Jul 06, 2007 7:29 pm

Cave meeting

People: Nix, Pete, Ras, Ryan, Andrew, Mark

1 Cabinet upstairs to keep events equipment in. Keep it safe etc.

2 What kit do we have?

3 Fixing the broken kit

4 Buying new kit

5 Fixing the drumkit

6 Cave meetings/people using the cave


1 Nix will clear out a box under sound desk and put in it the essential kit which MUST be put back after every event.

2 there is 4 working XLRs and 3 working mics

3 Sunday we will come at 1pm to FIX the kit

4 We will decide after we fix the broken kit

5 Kevin Murray will survey the drumkit on Friday night and buy new items on Monday

6 Combined Events/Cave/Facilities meeting on Tues about 7pm.
The cave use is temporarily restricted to Forest cafe community.
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