facilities WG Minutes sept. 11, 2007

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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facilities WG Minutes sept. 11, 2007

Post by ravanwin » Wed Sep 12, 2007 12:49 pm

Minutes to Facilities Meeting: sept. 11, 07

- cave and acess
- darkroom stuff?
- screen printing stuff
- PA
- sunday art thing
- frecords update. futire and past: events.
- submit: call for contributors / promo stuff

mike, yaz, magda, jonathan, marcos, nix, danny, dan gorman, gareth, jane, dai

Nix says cave is good and is almost fully up and running. £40 should have it working well and tidy. things are not so good in terms of rent but, at least there is stuff in there.

Danny will be doing cd making / recording workshops in the cave from Wed. every wed. to spread forest music faster and quicker. Danny into curating a show for outside the forest.

- Darkroom? :: Yaz and Magda wanna meet danny to make dark room better / more accesible.

- screenprinting stuff:: Yaz:: wants to start SP. But hasn’t done anything. Wants to learn how to SP. The equiptment is currently at Cps house. We need space. Well ventilated.

- PA system: we are getting a new one.

- Danny’s Sunday Art Thing: (put onto workshop) noon – 4pm in cafe. Come and make us some art stuff! nice one. Action: danny to contact bits and bobs!

- Forest Records Update: We have vinal! avalance and analogue will take them. hmv have taken over fopp – emi jazz missiles. Some have gone to NYC. We are trying to send them to many.
List of people (individuals) Djs and Music biz people / distributors: post to bb
then facilities – records.

Future: LAUNCH PARTY with satellite link up at Blender (oct. 11, 12, 13, 14) should be on SAT. Waiting for pendulums.

ACTION: multi-cd burner. ??? should we?

if we get the burner than it means hand labeling and doing the production manually.
should we buy off our own back or look for a grant? grants!
Action: Dai and Ryan to start working on this asap: cd burner and photocopy grant!

shop: jane and ryan to add record to the shop.

future release! danny mullins, pandacetamol.

what to do re: pandacetamol? wait for cd burner?

next aim: a 12 inch LP?

action: ryan to get poster from Jason!
action: tell friends to buy book! make it viral.

action: jane to reprint forest free press!
action: ryan to hide pamphlets

book of manifestos:
action: ryan to research laws regarding reprinting manifestos.
action: jane to make a begging poster for the manifesto.
action: jane to BUMP the book of manifesto idea.

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Post by beev » Wed Sep 12, 2007 2:02 pm

RE screenprinting

ACE are planning to set up public screenprinting facilities. I'm finding out what gear they need. Might be an option to let them have our stuff as they seem to have the space available. We are struggling for space. Could be a good option for all. Obviously we would still be able to use the facilities.

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Post by ravanwin » Wed Sep 12, 2007 2:26 pm

also, in terms of this: analogue are putting a proposal together for one of the rooms to do studio / screen printing in.


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Post by martinmckenna » Wed Sep 12, 2007 2:37 pm

it would be really cool to develop printmaking rather then just screenprinting in future too

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