Behind the Scenes 17-10-07

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Behind the Scenes 17-10-07

Postby ravanwin » Wed Oct 17, 2007 8:59 pm

Present: Ryan, Shannon, Laura, Andy, Neil, James, Dai, Lucas, Martin, Dan, Martin McKenna


1. Grants (who's gettin them)
2. Building/equity/mortgages
3. Press clippings
4. Copier nonsense
5. Money investing
6. Presentation at Settlement AGM
7. New receipts book/records

1. Grants

FREAK - ask for more information
Marion - reject for reasons discussed already in grants forum
ACE - We're giving them the grant but they have to be nice to us
Action: Ryan will contact FREAK, Marion. Shannon will contact ACE

2. Building/equity/mortgages

We had a meeting with Nick Flavin and talked about real things like Nick's holiday. We are meeting him every Monday from now until the end of time.
Action 1: Ryan to ask Nick about what his architect thinks. Voice concerns about forest relocation and staff being out of a job.
Action 2: Everyone to look out for alternative buildings

3. Press clippings

We need copies of things that have appeared in the press about the forest.
Action 1: Ryan to start folder for cuttings
Action 2: People to gather this stuff and get it to Ryan

4. Copier nonsense

We need a new photocopier. It needs to work with our computers. Lease or buy. £1000 a year to lease a colour one. Do it!
Action: Ryan to do it

5. Money investing

Should we invest our money? What should we invest it in. Laura has been scanning the world of ethical investments with her prodigious brain. Triodos may be a good bet. An account with a 28 day notice period. Keep an emergency fund.
Action: Laura to investigate ethical funds & IFAs. Shannon to talk to Triodos about getting a savings account.

6. Presentation at Settlement AGM

Anyone can go. It will be at the Stepping Stone, which is at where London Road meets Easter Road. It is helloween. Wear a costume. Last year Shannon did a great presentation. She stressed over it. Maybe this time we should talk less about what we are and more about stuff that we do. It can be tweaked on the bb. We should have a powerpoint kind of thing with pictures and charts and maybe a laserpen.
Action: Ryan to work with Laura and Martin McKenna on making that happen good. Monday night. And Ryan to hook up with Gareth, without whom nothing will happen

7. New receipts book/records

We need a system that will keep receipts in better order.
Action: Ryan & Neil to sort out filing cabinet and one day get a new proper office

AOB: Ryan to email Lucas

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Postby beev » Wed Oct 17, 2007 9:56 pm

Ryan, we didn't set a time for filing cabinet sorting. I may not be free till next month. I'll get my people to talk to your people...

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Postby laura » Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:36 pm

I can make the meeting with Nick this Monday.

Not sure about being able to pop in to help with powerpoint presentation on Monday evening as I have to work late to make up the time.

Another possibility is email me what you have and I can give you some suggestions or send you back a tweaked version (although I am sure none will be required)? I could do it Monday night when I get back and email it back to Ryan.
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