viaual arts 25/10/07

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viaual arts 25/10/07

Post by stephengoodall » Fri Oct 26, 2007 6:11 pm

present; me, James, Laura, Chris, Bill, Jesse

Front of house;
further discussion about computers outside vs. computers inside with no chairs vs. computers inside with chairs vs. computers in windows vs. computers attached to a giant amoeba who can transcend time and space.

Enthusiasm for having them outside but no-one with knowledge and skills available until mid november- maybe put flatscreens on wall in the interim?

decided that trying to work out colours and plans for the redecoration of the gold room by committee will probably end up with sub-optimum results. It is better if someone who is good at those things works outr what is to happen and then others pitch in to realise it.

jesse has prior experience and skills and has been accepted the task- hopefully a plan will be devised in the next few weeks.

everyone agrees that a good use of the wallspace therein would be to represent the myriad activities and events which occur as a part of the forest community- however, some disagreement about how best to do this- will more noticeboards solve the problem of scruffiness?- perhaps some good photos of events displayed well would work in combination with text?
-discussion to continue in FOH forum


mailing list in the testing stages so far.
people are pleased with the way the website and literature are looking.
I mentioned using the-social-networking-site-which-thou-shalt-not-name to promote TK. This is universally opposed. thus, i am shamed.

we need to arrange a christmas free shop meeting soon.

some of the emails are coming back undelivered- we could do with updating our contacts with other organisations/listings- thread in VA forum.

will stall the submissions due to time constraints.

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