behind the scenes 21-11-07

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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behind the scenes 21-11-07

Post by Shannon » Wed Nov 21, 2007 8:59 pm


2.Treasurer update
3.Money investing & new savings account
4.New meeting times?
5.Computer training on Saturday
6.Room proposals

Present: Shannon, Neil, Bryony, Alex, Milk, some Ryan

1.Rob St. John receives the grant for October. We are also interested in supporting Ed's proposal for the OOTB event but would like some more info on what needs to be bought and what will happen with it afterwards (ie: is there anything we can lend? Is there anything useful to us that can be returned at the end?) There is some slight unease with the idea of giving £100 for décor...
Action: Alex is emailing Gareth, asking him to get in touch with Ed to ask some more questions. We'll finalise the decision on the bb.

2.Neil still really wants another treasurer. He has been in contact with OOTB getting advice on how they do their st uff. They've been asking around for accounting students... Neil would like to put a notice up advertising for someone to do the accounts book. Jonathan has done a couple of bank runs. He's behind with the VAT, waiting on information, etc. He is not a happy treasurer.
- Action: Neil has not been able to move forward with the charity bank account because he does not have all the details he needs from the trustees. Chris is going to call the bank and clear up what details they need and why. Neil will send him the number to do this. Hopefully we can then open an account.
Action: Neil will put up a poster in Forest and we'll keep on looking...

3.Laura wasn't at the meeting so we'll have to wait for her report on ethical investment. Shannon is still trying to get the details we need from Triodos. Neil is going to find out our interest rate.
- Action: Bryony is going to look into some banks.

4.We would like Gareth to come to meetings. We must find out when is good for him. 8Pm would be better than 7pm for Neil.

5.Saturday 2-4pm there will be a learn how and work session. Be there! Anyone can do it, no coding/computer expertise needed.

6.We are proposing that the therapy room takes the office, and a screenprinting/craft room takes livesciences and the bikes are either in the boiler room or part of infoseed. The meeting wasn't comfortable making this decision on its own. The crafts people would still like to make a proposal.
Action: we want this decided at the Forest working group meeting on December 6th. No later!!
Action: Neil will either get in touch with Magda's haircutting thing, or get Ryan to do it.

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