art facilities and cafe / events meet at 8 jan 2008

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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art facilities and cafe / events meet at 8 jan 2008

Post by ravanwin » Tue Jan 08, 2008 8:20 pm

present: ryan, red alex, pitor, naiomi, red bryony, tim and a guy from dorkbot

pologies: dai and nix
points: prices, nix stuff, laundry, new NM list, vollie party, hammocks, red room,

from last meeting:

- discuss kitchen overhall: postponed till next meeting

- swithun supposed to put a note on grinder / shannon to contact company: ACTION REPERMANDS!

- pockets to mark area in front of stage to store drum kit: ACTION REPERMAND

- sound area revamp: DONE :: ACE JOB

- new events book: DONE - AWESOME JOB. if martin were here he would have gotten applause.

- corkage signs on Back of SHutters: MARTIN MEANT TO FOLLOW UP with VA: Action repermand!



alex suggests lowering the prices.
ryan suggests we just, as we've said, revamp the menu and make a new menu as our wastage as a collectively organinzed bussiness makes us lose a loty of money.

alex says he's done the maths:

falafel costs .77p.
a burrito costs us roughly a pound.

niame suggests a forest cook book,

ACTION: Tim to make a MAKE FOOD NICER poster for kitchen Prep Area.
ACTION: KMs to Keep Food Better and Better. Burritos can be better - maybe more beans? maybe brown rice?

possible action: invite customers to complain if the food is no good.


is fixing drum kit for sat
fixing for cd player to link to decks
fixing decks behind area

please join him!

CAVE is staying where it is.


distinct lack of tea towels. someone must have them?

bryony did laundry rota. alex has been taking some. sohas pomme and swith. NICE ONE!


Alex says that they put an extra bit on it that says who the NM hands responsibility to. it's a good list and good addition to the cafe.


theme is total OVERKILL with lots and lots of sugars and e numbers and lots of crazy music and --- dai will tell us his dreams.


tim to speak to gramme about putting them in the wall between the windows. concerns are: falling, breaking the ledges / windows and the affect on the shutters.

ACTION: Tim to talk to grame and will look into it and report back and then we will be excitied about it all.

bryony hates the red room. it is horrible. WHAT IS WRONG?

The Free Shop is horrible and makes the red room look like shit. how do we sort this out? It is a big void.

The main cafe space is quite nice but red room is cold and full of shit. Can we move or destroy the free shop somehow? we may need a radical solution. but what is it?

maybe the door could close faster? does the door thing need sorting? maybe the BUILDiNG crew can have a look?



it has been suggested that we keep a stock of extra t-shirts for people to use when they volunteer.

bryony suggests that people organize their wardrobe.

it's an idea that could be nice. what do we think?


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Post by bryony » Tue Jan 08, 2008 8:57 pm

just to be clear

I love the free shop I just hate the mess

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Post by swithun » Wed Jan 09, 2008 10:08 am

We put some arrows on the grinder to indicate where the correct position was, remember, Reper Man.

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Post by ravanwin » Thu Jan 10, 2008 12:04 pm

oh - so we did. that doesn't seem to work too well though....

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