Visual Arts 31/01/08

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Visual Arts 31/01/08

Post by stephengoodall » Fri Feb 01, 2008 6:51 pm

Present: me, Martin, Martin, James, Swithun, Pomme, Paul, Isla.

Acrylic sticker/lettering on window


everyone agrees that the idea is good as long as mutual interference is minimised.

a foldaway system is best since the quality of the projection will be impaired if it is mounted on the high ledge

best idea to make a system that would allow either slide or digital projector to be mounted.

after discussion of different ideas, pulleys etc., it is reckoned that the best idea is to mount a hinged piece of board to the ceiling which would be tied off in the volunteer cupboard. all that remains is the engineering which will be thoroughly undertaken to ensure safety.

the projector will project onto 3 pane sized lengths of screen which will be rolled up to the top of each individual window pane.


Starting to begin to think about it...

get in touch with EAF about deadline for literature...
get in touch with annualle folk (embassy?)...

agree to meet in person sometime soon to get some ideas going?

Sticker + Lettering

£46 + installation
should be the TK logo and "the forest" should this be "@ the forest", or some other proposition-

we don't really like that- would rather keep it down to logo and " the forest" Martinm to continue developing and show the group again...

lettering the wall again will cost £60 which is silly. we just print out a A0 for £2.30 instead.


I'm to contact Iona Sangster

James to contact G8 photographer and Palestine book folk

martinm to contact Joyce Gunn Cairns

Isla to contact the walking art project

Other Business

look into online calander- james on it

rehashing submissions on the website, make more specific.

The book- to meet soon to see a short presentation by aaron soon.

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Post by martinmckenna » Sat Feb 02, 2008 12:46 am

is Iona Sangster the one week show ?, if so we have a gap with joyces now show being at the end .

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