artist facilities wg 3 april, 2008

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artist facilities wg 3 april, 2008

Post by ravanwin » Thu Apr 03, 2008 8:27 pm

Present: Nix, Martin, Xabina, Olivier, Martin, James, Megan, Tom

Agenda -

- borrowing equipment
- computers
- screen printing room
- cave update
- darkroom update
- balcony update
- publishing update
- theatre update
- photocopy budget
- publishing / pamphlets

Facilitate - Nix.

- Borrowing equipment:

anybody can borrow equipment? No.
Who can borrow equiptment?

history: often forest people want to do outside things. we are erratic in our use.

Some stuff is going to glasgow which is good this time but maybe not always? Maybe it is ok?

Someone from the forest WG can borrow equipment when needed without deposit.

If a person in a WG - and known well - you must get a FWG member to be there with you / vouch for you.

Not in a WG - not possible to borrow equiptment.


What about Hall Hire? If someone wants to use it in the hall it needs to be here.

How about people can get the equipment only 2 weeks in advance if the hall does not need it. Do we quit using the PA for the hall?

Nix proposes - PA is always booked for the hall. If someone wants to use it than it is down to ryan's.

PA stuff goes through Building Manager. Gets borrowed via the hall calander so BM knows NOT to hire it out to hall people if in use by forest. First come, first serve.


Martin says - we had parts for 4 computer parts. One computer bits have been nicked (£80).

Shall we replace:

Hard Drives for file server / saver: people are dumping files on various computers etc. It needs to be all in one place and backed backed up.
Proposal: £90 on 2 x 250gig drives. Installed in server.

budget wise: £50 p/m for computers. this = 4 months budget.
also = pocket money?

Martin wants to be straight with the budgets but doesn't want it to be a trend as it seems unfair.

we decide to buy all equipt. in hopes that this will never happen again. as this theft was kind of an anomaly / last years business / than we feel it is okay to not include this re-buy on last year's budget.

Note: take care. security problems.

Action: ryan to find everything on the bb re: computers and will call dabs on Monday.

Action: No valuable stuff should be here. Martin to look into security cables.


Chris: the news is that the boiler room can have the space and needs to be organized and thought about. Suggests we hold a meeting with interested people and spend time in the space and come up with a time-line. When is the meeting:

ACTION: MEET thurs. 10th at 6pm - in Boiler / Live Sciences Room / action

ACTION: People Must read about screen printing and look into what SP is and how it works. When you meet up you can have knowledge. There is an internet full of things.

The Aim is to use photo-emulsion. An exciting prospect.

Action: chris to make a poster. ryan to put it on the webby thing.


People have been stealing from the cave. Fishing cash out. Nix thinks it is someone who has the key and has been stealing from the cave.

Screw box under the till and cave users will put money in there?
How about £20 unlimited access? nix says unlikely.

Action: nix to screw box in non obtrusive place under the counter.
Perhaps CCTV in the Cave? for Sunday the 20th.

Darkroom Update:

Martin has taken over from Danny Darko. He's emailed all the people that danny neglected. Martin gets the emails now. Has tried to fix second enlarger. See matin if you want to use the darkroom?

action: ryan can spread word via internet.
action: megan to get text and make poster. awesome.


martin sits in billl's seat. Balconies are fine. Bikes are away. Space is empty and tidy in front of lights.

Studios are now full we may be able to squeeze people in but they can go to the TK mailbox and will get put on a the waiting list.

Martin doesn't want people in there / storing stuff / using the organ. Anyone who has acess must lock door and keep it tidy.

do we still need a new drivebelt? No - we have elecrtic. cool.

August: it is iffy. martin feels that they will be unusable in august and also less safe.

martin's instinct is probably correct that they will be unusable but if someone is willing to work around it. The hall takes precedent.

action: ryan to contact eikon dave.

Publishing Update:

we continue to assist Read This by let

Theatre Update:

waiting for a theater license. check the mail get it to james.
james will phone them.
1st of may is deadline for expressed interest.
James will work out the schedule for the hall.
All - OK.

Photocopying Budget:

Martin wants to print out essays for forest that people can read. Martin has £1 per month for photocopies work. Martin to ensure they are read widely by the community. It will be subverseive.

pamphlet publishing:

wants to know more about what FP is capable of doing. Interested in producing a series of high quality pamphlets.

tom wants to start up kin again soon and maybe wants to have a regular publication.

FP says yes to using copier to making great pamphlets and kin projects. big up the forest Free Press. We want it.


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