EVS meeting - Monday 7 April

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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EVS meeting - Monday 7 April

Post by Shannon » Mon Apr 07, 2008 7:23 pm

Present: Gareth, Shannon, Ryan, Alex, Carlos, Olivier, Xabina

1. Past action points
2. Updates
3. Electricity/Bills/Flat
4. This Week
5. Projects

1. Past action points / 2. Updates
- Working group meetings: Xabina high five (all meetings), Olivier artist facilities, Carlos action point reprimand
- let us all speak well at meetings so everyone understands - new symbol in meetings - L for language!
- Xabina and Olivier: poster needed but Chris will come in and do it
- Xabina has a great watch and Carlos gets thumbs up on the shit hot events thing
- cleaning: Monday and Friday are cleaning days - today was missed. Boo. Xabina and Olivier down for Tuesday and Carlos Friday. Rota is made and text is still being checked.
-New flat!
- Shop painting will be finished tomorrow.
- Kitchen shifts done.
- Olivier is working on Caen exchange and working with Ryan on a plan

- Something funky with the hob in the flat -- Chris will take a look (and the hoover too).
- Hoover isn't working -- Ryan will call the EPM
- a form needs to be filled in for the electricity -- Carlos will put hi name down

- cleaning on tuesday and friday
- Xabina will get the cleaning rota up
- 2 kitchen shifts for everyone -- try and focus on night shifts
- Carlos will make a new kitchen rota
- screenprinting room on thursday evening
- painting shop finishing tuesday
- wednesday english class/start informal language group (Gareth/Shannon)
- flat inventory to be filled out -- everyone this week

- Carlos will do another events listing and advertise the shop -- also wants to publicise outside the Forest
- Olivier working on exchange project

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