Action WG meeting Sunday 13th April

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Action WG meeting Sunday 13th April

Post by Martin » Sun Apr 13, 2008 9:02 pm


Present: Nix, Martin L, Meghan, Graeme, Gandolf, Olivier, Ras, Amelia


1. Use of action room

2. Workshops

3. Bikes

4. Knockengorroch

5. Action room door


Poster now in action room explaining use of room. Kudos to whoever did it.

Cleaning rota for action room - once a week? Did whoever cleaned it last see Gandolf's black beret?



Memory went missing. Piotr said he installed extra memory in one machine to use for rendering, that was lying around across the room.

System logs show that half of this was taken from another machine.

Nix confirms Piotr was clear in his claims on where the memory came from in front of everywhere.

Hence: he lied about where the memory came from, and shouldn't have been opening the machines anyway.

Nix moves he be banned from this room.

Has been told several times about abusing this room.

Nix: Piotr needs to be shown at a that he has to treat us with respect, best way to help him may be to support him less, he can't live off the forest.

Takes the piss, has an attitude, taking advantage of us.


Meghan interested in doing photography workshops, complete beginners want help using cameras etc.

E.g. two-part course, one on shooting B&W film, one on developing/printing in the darkroom

(Technical interruption: Milosch has taken a shit at the top of the stairs)

Is it a protest shit, or a pragmatic shit?

(Relevant interruption: review of last meeting)


Ras had us review minutes of last meeting. None of same people here this month. No idea if action points have been followed through.

Lots of people come in with ideas for workshops etc, how serious are they?

Ras reminds us people need to make things happen.

Amelia asks: What is the function of the group here, when people come in and propose a workshop?

Gandolf: To determine if the idea is appropriate, and to offer support where possible.

Nix: Also, to reach out to the community.

Graeme: To decide how the budget should be spent.


AP: Meghan to make posters, contact others regarding loan of cameras.

Budget for some film?

Dates: Sat & Sun on a weekend early in May?

Use craft room for initial introduction.

Budget: could allocate April workshop budget (£20) for film, share cameras in small groups say 12 shots each, and ask for donations too and ask people to bring their own if they can.

AP: Martin to deal with film supply etc.


We have bikes we loan... Graeme doesn't know how many or where they are. Nix says he knows... he thinks. We have seven, eight if you count Alex's. Or maybe nine.

Bike book exists, system should be to see ID and take £20 (£10 volunteers) deposit, maximum loan is a month. EVS vollies have been given bikes free of deposit.

Most are with repeat users. Three currently available, maybe?

AP: Graeme and Nix to do bike census.

April+May budget to buy cheap combination locks.

AP: Graeme to buy locks.

Bike storage: All on organ balcony, except for some bits and some more things to be moved.

AP: Nix to speak to Bloo & co about building bike shed in garden?

Shouldn't be many bikes here, they should be out being used!

There will be bike workshops.

AP: Graeme to organise and advertise a bike maintenance workshop, on Saturday 26th.


Festival Thurs 22 May - following Sunday

Has been agreed that forest supports zine & indy publishing stall there run by Nix.

Not a grant, Forest supported project.

Nix's plans:

Use forest money to pay for:

A van or the cost of using someone else's van, e.g. Bill has shown interest.

Provide: Large dry stall with: photocopier, laser printers, computer.

Produce: Daily newssheet with Forest name on it.

Festival currently does a magazine with contributions showing up the next year.

Daily thing would be much cooler.

Also: take zines.

Also: pay for one voluteer to come to festival to help out on stall.

Costs? 200 quid?

BTS WG said this was more than 100 and that money should be sought from Action WG.

Decision: Two month's community action money (£50) plus £50 Action WG money, total £100.

Nix can now go back to BTS WG to look for monthly grant to get £200 total.

AFWG/Forest Free Press have agreed to support by printing stuff.


Nix to paint ACTION ROOM on action room door.

Ras: Why not done already?

AP: Nix to paint the fucking door already.

Meeting ended 9pm.

Piotr was then brought in and told the situation. He says he didn't tell the truth about where the RAM came from for fear of being accused of stealing the missing stick. He agreed to be barred from the room until further notice.

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Post by ravanwin » Wed Apr 16, 2008 1:51 pm

sounds good guys.

may I propose with respect and love that our wonderful friend Nix NOT be allowed to take anymore action points until he finishes his artwork in the foyer. Nix works his balls off for the cause but obviously needs us to lock his balls down to get him focused on completing his project. This is not a reprimand but a suggestion out of love for nix and in the interest of someone getting the time to get his personal work developing.


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Post by Shannon » Fri Apr 18, 2008 11:45 am

I haven't been in for a few days, but thought I better pass this on.

Last Friday the fire brigade stopped by for their usual visit. They were EXTREMELY unimpressed with the pile of computers and tvs on the upstairs landing. VERY VERY not to code. I promised they would be moving ASAP. So uh, have they moved yet?

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