action working group meeting 11th May 2008

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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action working group meeting 11th May 2008

Post by baloo » Sun May 11, 2008 7:38 pm

Present: Graeme and bloo.....umm...maybe Tom.Meghan. Definately Tom.


1. the void (redefinitions)

1.5 Tom

2. craft room

3. garden

4. bikes

5. meghans workshop. update.


ball is a bottom liner and is here. But he has no idea what this group is doing. Do we know?
Each of us has a workshop or interest in action stuff. Here we can be supported.


Tom has a pet project with queer mutiny. He wants to advertise for people to come and be arty and glittery. He wants to show off. Can we give him a space to meet in? -yes. Bloo offers him craft room. action point to bloo: communicate whatever tom needs and hook him up.
He feels supported. Tom wants to join in alot. great.


It is going well. Needs to be cleaned up alot more. When one link in the chain fails we can all suffer.
Meghan likes the room. Its being filled with art stuff.

Action : look out for cuboards and shelves....maybe the fonz can build us one. eh.
Graeme asks : define the alchohol policy. Bloo says keep it away.
NO BOOZE IN ACTION ROOM. Sorry. Anyone caught drinking in there cleans the toilets. ok
Action : improove lighting.


is full of scaffolding. ouch. its not so bad. It urgently needs care.
Action : garden weekend workshop. cool.
We have loads of seeds.need using....


Bike loan scheme is dodgy and based on favourtism. We arent open enough eh. Vollunteers are being supported with bikes. EVS folk need more bikes. All in all its working well. Letting people use them alot helps with storage but only when we trust them.
Bloo is up for making a bike shed. Graeme has a mate who offers him bike bits. The whole system needs fortifying. More thoughts....we suggest having a deposit bike box for money. We need to establish the system before implementing it. On going workshops continue.... Graeme will buy more bike locks...ace.


it went well, not as many folk appeared that signed up...its ongoing and she is being very supportive. Martin was ace with the darkroom graeme donated cameras...lots of people helping people.
There is a photo club that have not been meeting.
Action : meghan will try and get photo club to attend forest events to make a project out of recording stuff that goes on.
We nned more photos of Graeme drunk.

Meeting ending 7.30.



he is not allowed back in action room yet. next meeting we will review this.


often rooms are double booked.
How do we solve this?
A book of all the bookings to refer to?
signs on doors of what is going on?
Or more clear/competent communication.
action : next meeting work out a system to show all and sundry what is happening where so people do not double book and also know what is free space to use.
up and at it.

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Post by baloo » Sun May 11, 2008 7:40 pm

Carlos is also here.

Ball meant to say bloo....
up and at it.

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