Visual Arts 29/05/2008

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Visual Arts 29/05/2008

Post by stephengoodall » Wed Jun 04, 2008 10:07 pm

In attendance: Carlos, Charlotte, cyrielle, Emi, Karen, Martin, Meghan, Nix, Simone, Stephen.


The festival program needs to be finalised, need to decide what to prioritise and negotiate the other candidates.

AP: Matin is taking on the festival booking and aims to sort it out.

AP: Stephen to write some text to promote the empty spaces as available so flyer can be drawn up.


Simone is taking over the email address
AP: Stephen to hand of the email by thursday the following week.


Is a moot point.

But, We want to do a poster show sometime soon or perhaps other off site stuff.


A Scottish artist is wanted for a french film, would be good to make a fictional artist but none of us have the time or energy.

Karen knows somebody and takes the contact details from Martin.


James has asked that something be done for the dowstairs entry doors into the cafe from the hall.

AP: Simone and Emi volunteer to do something there to show that the cafe is through the doors.

Upstairs walls- a couple of meetings ago we decided someone was going to do some stuff there but doesn't seem to be going ahead.

Kenneth of clown exhibition fame may be interested- should contact.

Posters- Nix proposes we re-define the poster areas again but needs to be policed. Also, a no posters poster should be created to prevent festival flood of posters and promo material but should not be aggressive in tone.

AP: Carlos wants to be poster police and aims to create a board to hold the workshop info.

There seems to be a thread brewing on FOH forum for those who are interested in doing stuff e.g. Emi is making some lampshades.

Perhaps a FOH is coming- we could do the gallery floor at the same time.

Nix feels that the visual arts group should be more proactive in improving the forest's appearance

But, the ability to make FOH decisions does not entirely rest with the VA group as many of the people interested in doing stuff are not at the meeting and it is not best practice to make those decisions without them, yet previous attempts to clarify the issue have not been successful.

Perhaps FOH should have its own meeting.

AP- discussion to continue on BB


Nix would like some budget for a garffiti workshop to teach people who are not familiar with the medium on the public wall near the forest.

Should this be workshops budget?
No, our mission statement says we promote the creation of art by supplying materials and space.

AP: £30 awarded for Nix's workshop.

The Artist exhibiting in the Festival has asked for extra money, we think it will be cool so agree to give him the £50 he was entitled to and an extra £50 award.

would like to do a blog to accompany the shows in the gallery, either on ArtReview or on We all agree, he should just do it wherever he thinks is best.

ACTION DAY- was good the last time so we will schedule another one for 22nd June.


Martin as point of contact for Roman in festival.

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Post by martinmckenna » Wed Jun 04, 2008 10:52 pm

ok roman wants to do blog rather then art review , that cool , so hes doing right now and will post the link when its ready .

roman is also cool with 3 days for the festival.

kenneth wants to paint on 16th upstairs , cool

suck cant change the dates for festival , but i have suggested he could finished early , i await reply . would this be ok ?

what they can say they did, cant change their dates . so it all or nothing .

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