notes on front of house meeting - june 10

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notes on front of house meeting - june 10

Post by Shannon » Tue Jun 10, 2008 11:24 pm

In attendance: Marian, Nerea, Bryony, Emi, Cyrielle, Olivier, Gareth and Shannon

Also posted in the visual arts forum...

The main room will be getting an overhaul. The plan is not hippy. There are still some details to work out. Emi is going to send some photos and Marian is going to make us some crazy model on her computer. There will be some cohesion in the room and some colour and improved lighting. We talked a bit about strategy for front of house in the future, ie: the idea that one person would get creative control for 3 months, but for now we seem to have come to something we'll collectively start implementing. We are meeting at 10.30am Thursday morning to look at Marian and Emi's stuff, pick colours and go get paint, fabric for chairs, etc. There will be a work day soon. More details to follow.

Action points:

- Emi to send photos of her mural to the bb/bring to meeting on Thursday

- Marian to make a mock up of the design so we can change colours via the magic of computer and pick our favourite combo - pow pow!

- Shannon to find a free day to close as building day

- Bryony to call Bits and Bobs and ask them to bring up some of their secret basement stock for us to peruse.

- All to meet Thursday morning at 10.30am to finalise colours and get cracking

- Cyrielle will be painting and recovering chairs and showing us how to do it too. Need to think of a workshop time??

- Nix will put up poster rack in red room and get rid of the hideous table of fliers

- Magda will redo her table when she returns from vacation. Be on the look out for appropriate peoples for table designing.

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