Committee meeting 16/10/05

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Committee meeting 16/10/05

Post by george » Sun Oct 30, 2005 6:33 pm

Sunday the 16th of October we had a meeting.

PROBLEMS OF THE FOREST #1 (of seventeen…)

Who was there: Dai, Nick, Magda, Chris, Gareth, Ryan, Jane, Dan (not Gorman), Tim, Pogo, Mat, Chisum, Duncan, Kasia, Marcin and myself(george).

-and this is how it went….

We should be charging people to use our stuff upstairs
Action: Will arrange Carol-Forest meeting. Jane is happy to be the liaison. Preferrably “liaision and…”
Also, we will put a lock on the door to the church hall complete with letterbox in which to deposit key.

2. Getting organized: we need action points. real ones. recorded and checked.
The more grants, the more projects.
Getting volunteers involved (ah, the eternally tricky one…). We should party more. none of this volunteer “meeting” stuff make it a volunteer party and we will all drunkenly bond. And will go back to publishing minutes on speaks to keep everyone in the fact…
Actions:KMs will get vollies informed.
Dai will organize volpartay for last sat of the month(to replace tedious “meeting”). Oh and will close the last Sunday of each month, for various reasons.
george will tell vollies that we’ll fund them to do stuff in the space, revamp-wise.

3. Budgets: they who need a budget must write themselves a budget. By budget we mean money required for regular spending needs.
There should be limits on spending on stupid things…ladidadida..
"subcommittees" should each have a budget
Actions:Pogo gets 100£ to wire up forest?
Dark room gets whatever budget is required and doesn’t include such extravagances as monthly trips to Taiti
And btw we need a new Strategy and Details person
note: TK Budget does carry over

4.You must prove yourself to be granted the privilege of being on the forest committee… -at this point we went round and everyone said what they do as part of the committee, just to make sure.

5. We don’t really hang out any more. Aside from the obvious stuff it would help the space run smoothly.
Events: the events subcommittee doesn’t really need ot be re-established since it’s really a one-man job.
ideas: maybe require special permission to book a fri/sat night event?
perhaps could have specific liaising time/week where all potential events runners could meet with events manager and sort stuff out.
also split corkage 50-50 with musicians
Actions:we will hang out here more
will be splitting the corkage takings with musicians
There will be monthly promotion of our events
Ah yes and committee members should be doing events…

7. SHOP.we want it.we need it.
once a week, like Sunday, could be shop day:selling everything, even kitchen prod?maybe?.
Advertisement…on line? display case?
Action: Jane will brainstorm for shop setup. George might help. Also, to start, will make inventory of stuff to sell.
Should re-issue old stuff for sale
Oh and of course launch the whole shop madness off with a party make compilations, play them display them
Ryan and Nick are on forest publishing
Oh and the new forest records slogan is “Buy it for the music”

8. We dotn take care of our stuff and it costs us money
Action: just get organized. A place for everything and everything in its place. Easier said than done-maybe we need a stuff manager
Action: Respect. And start by keeping the office tidy.

9. The forest looks normal. This is wrong very wrong.
Action: Magda and her forest arts subcommittee is empowered: give her paint and she will throw it.
Maybe we should have a deco day? more madness goddammit . Bring back the Stefanos vibe!
Also make sure CIA-nights gets out there. Maybe have an events mailing list? And actively hunt out cool events.

10. Sound:Basically we need a new sound engineer. Btw, the trainee sound engineers will be coming to practice on us.brilliant!
Action: computer for day music. Mat will set it up for Pogo

11. Twisted smilesssssssss. Poor Ryan does most of the barring. Which brings us back to hanging out here more. If we're here we can keep those nasty people at bay.
Action: Ryan will henceforth bar people in a funny voice.

12. Old rules…which do we keep and which to we ditch? Action: we’ll have rules meeting

13.Closing up. Action: Mat is almost done with a print-out of the new closing procedure.

blah the end.but really it was a great meeting

This is how much fun this meeting was: :D :) :( :o :shock: :? 8) :x :P :oops: :cry: :evil: :twisted: :roll: :wink: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow:
And that is all