Committee minutes meeting 30/10/05

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Committee minutes meeting 30/10/05

Post by beev » Sat Nov 05, 2005 7:26 am


1. PPL
2. Spending
3. Events
4. Sound
5. Paypal
6. Money
7. Darkroom
8. Corkage but not cock rage
9. Tools.
10. Stage
11. Re Blender

Present: Ryan, Dai, Duncan, Nick, Jane, Gareth, Magda, Matt, Tim, Alex
Apologies: Mikey, Georgina, Robin.

PPL still want proof we don’t play copyrighted music.
send inlays and refer them to stuff on web site.

Still spending too much, we thinks. i.e. wasting, such as tools. Not agreeing on budgets properly. We also need to be better at providing receipts.
ACTION: We should consult each other more about spending, even if it’s just a mail to the group. This more as a safety net, with not everything needing prolonged discussion. Budgets thing needs to be printed out too.

Meeting Tuesday 7.15pm. Cockage table was awesome, the performer got 26 quid. There’s also a drawer in the kitchen that says ‘cockage’ and has a sign. Duncan says every time an event goes on the speaks he’ll put it on the forum.

4 & 10.
The sound is going to be moved. The decks will be moved. There will be proper sound engineering. Matt says we should make a proper, removable stage. This will need proper lighting though. Sarah, who has a degree in lighting, could help.
ACTION: We’ll have a little sound meeting about it. Ryan will email Chris about it.

The Paypal enrolment form is still incomplete. It needs a legitimate name, so Jane volunteers.

Gareth said some numbers

Opens on Friday. Officially. Yeah. Need money to set up. i.e. chemicals. 2 pounds to develop film.

The idea of food corkage was rejected. The idea of a discount card, involving credit, was discussed.
ACTION: to be continued, perhaps.

Higher wattage soldering iron needed. Maybe.
ACTION: Tim is going to make something lockable for tools.

New Year’s thing. Jane will be more than happy to organise it. She would like to apply for a liquor license. She will not be drunk on the premises.