Visual Art minutes 16/12/08

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Visual Art minutes 16/12/08

Postby michaelbowdidge » Tue Dec 16, 2008 8:28 pm

VA minutes 16/12/08

Present: Simone, Melanie, Stephen, Mike, Emi, Olivier (documenting)

Apologies: Mirja, Martin

Dead Forest
A0 posters

Genevieve: budget not used, artist aware of it but didn’t want to have a closing party.

Dates: Nick Chaite slot not available due to Peter Williams, Mike to advise new slot to NC. What to do with spare 3 days in Jan? Maybe 3 day collaborative making project, take turns to make something, put this on the BB for further discussion.

Dead Forest: Mike to speak to the council re pickup on the morning of the 19th January, or get a van, or arrange uplift.

Leak: has this been fixed? AP: Stephen to ask Ken if he has done this.

Party: double booked? Re-arrange Emi’s photograms for 29th Jan – 1st February. Gallery calendar will need updating.

Minividfest2: Stephen to burn disk and sort out player. Mike to re-run previous posters. Show to hang Sunday night. Simone to speak to kitchen people regarding turning on and off.

A0 posters: would be good to see this happen again. Maybe put this forward for the next building day. More cross-over between front of house and visual arts working group perhaps?

Murals: would be good to get some ideas for some new ones?

Selections: Sea Paintings: Emi to contact artist and offer next available slot. Bilston Wood photos: possible A0 project?
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