committee meeting 14/11/05

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committee meeting 14/11/05

Post by george » Mon Nov 14, 2005 10:25 pm

Meeting 13th November 2005

here: tim, mat, magda, jane, georgina, robin, danny, Gareth

1.the shop
3.paint pens and posters
8.volunteer party’s cold
11.volunteer coordinating this week
12.promotion? library?
13.front of house budget

1.launch soon. inventory is done. shop this Sunday? and launch during day? Madga and george will help jane organise. need use by dates and allergy potentials on our hummus if we’re gonna sell it.
Action: tue @7 jane george and magda and anyone else who wants to will have a shop meeting.

2.Reblender: when? 9th-10th-11th ? licence has to be in by tomorrow :jane and Gareth will be taking care of that…maybe licence till 3(we don’t really want till 5). beer prices?
our beer providers are actually a good deal. it’s a pound and a penny /bottle . up volunteer price from 1.50 to 2 and normal price from 2.50 to 2. many ideas floating around. Don’t want to take away volunteer privileges i.e. no free beer.
Action: meeting to plan the blender :next Sunday @ 7.prices will be discussed then

3.magda bought paint pens, 5 pound altogether, for her table. btw should post such things on spending forum. she gets it obviously

4.haven’t done anything about menu changes. if applied, would reduce prep and service time and generally make km s life a bit easier.
Action: KMs (or rather Gareth, apparently) will get it typed up, and send it out to the rest of us to see what we think.

7. darkroom: up and running. already had first crisis. it’s a fiver/session. 2 pound /one roll, 5 pound/3 rolls. Advertize to everyone. it will be awesome!

8.volunteer party: sat 26th is a big nice thing on. on fri 25th(day after thanksgiving) is alex’s big gay drag birthday party<speechless>

9. car .brum longer makes that sound alas…this one needs to be saved and it will be. I do not understand technical car things.’s cold. we will find our heaters. and put a rug in the office.

11.vol. coordintating this week. Dai’s away, who’s going to do it? I’ll do a bit of it and library.Whats up? specially promo is important.what’s Chisholm up to? see who comes to events meeting and find someone there ?? also should propose to events organizers to do some promo for their gig.if they want/can

13. front of house budget: is currently @ 20£/week. for flowers. obviously danny’s not spending that much on flowers but asks if he can spend on random little e-bay goodies etc.20 £ should cover everything

14. also will play assassin. after new years. Prepare to be paranoid and shun your friends and sleep with one eye open with a shotfun under your pillow. it’ll be fantastic!

Finally, some ryan points:
Ryan said that for the kitchen to run smoothly and everything in general to be much better, we need experts(i.e. US) working.ahem.
Ryan did Dai’s job and was disturbingly professional about it
Ryan says there will be an events meeting tue 2-7