Cafe and Events 6th May minutes

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Cafe and Events 6th May minutes

Post by natt » Mon May 11, 2009 12:47 am

Present-Nix, Nat, Mati, Gareth, Pomme, Sam (i think thats everyone, apologies if not)

1) The idea of a Kitchen Action Day came up again. Ideas for changes included:
Jars and tubs, moving the sounddesk to enlarge thekitchen, painting/getting new recycling bins, more fridges putin, completely seal up all food in dry store, make an efficient alochol selling station in cafe area, replace disabled toilet floor, curtain for mop stuff area in toilet, move sinks
A Nix to paint recycling bins
A Mati to talk to Ken about possibility of moving the sink
A Mati to post his masterplan for fridge and sound desk
A Mati to propose a date for the Action day and inform everyone
A POmme to bring in her spare jars. Or we could order big pickles which come in suitably massive jars from Jordan Valley
A Nix to work out a place to store old diaplay fridge so it can be used for alcohol in future

2) Nix is talking to Dan at Settlement re possibility of using a different venue which has cooking fscilities where we could make lots of our own cakes, falafel etc and actually teach vollies about cooking
A Nix to clean the falafel maker

3)Nix asks Forest to support Warrior word zines at Knock-will take tea/coffee/pitta bread. C N E group agreed.
A Nix to type up proposal to BB

4)Re getting more customers in
Gareth is planning Theme nights with themed food. Yas and Mati have made posters for new volunteer recruitment
WE wondered if it is always this quiet when the sun comes out. Could we see comparable income figures for the Forest last May?

Other points
A Pomme is away for a while, mati will take on cleaning cloths
A Gareth to post the police number BIG in kitchen
No Compost! It just gets left in kitchen overnight and is unsanitary
A Nix to talk to Ida re chocolate tree

KMs will ensure that Cafe n Events happens and send at least one rep to FWG. We are bottom liners. Gareth happy to be NM bottom liner.
Cafe and Eventsis first Wednesday of the month at 7pm
Thats it folks!

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Re: Cafe and Events 6th May minutes

Post by natt » Tue May 26, 2009 12:26 pm

Any word on when we can have the Kitchen Action Day? I may have missed any further info/debate on it on then BB. x x x

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