shop meeting - minutes

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shop meeting - minutes

Post by Ida » Fri May 15, 2009 11:43 pm

present: Giovanna, Ilaria, Simone (massagist), Anna, Susanna, Ida

Anna is the new shop manager...she is really motivated, please let her know if you have ideas for the shop...its getting better and better!
what we discussed:

A new logo should be designed that can be used for the signs, flyers etc. etc.
important: readible and simple!
AP Abbey to ask Isla if she wants to do it...but anyones input welcome!

Anna made a design for pieces of blackboard that could be hanged on the railings on the outside of the churchdoor.
This will be more obvious for people passing by and can easily be hanged on and off.
AP anna to build, paint+hang them up

AP sign above the shop door to be repainted

a new laminated sign on blackboard would be great. It should be very clear but give an idea about what we are selling and also attract people who maybe wouldn't usually hang out in the cafe.
AP Susanna to make a design in collaboration with Anna. Keep in mind that there is a free corner for a Massage poster.

Signs inside the cafe
really important.
AP Anna to make a big bold bright sign in the Cafe, possibly on the mural wall left to the cafe door and to hang up T-Shirts (bright colours, best designs --probably forest screen-printed--) in the Front Room (very high and with sign for the Shop).

to be changed. Ken started but job soon as possible!

need to be painted
AP Ida to paint outside door
AP Matias to paint Shop door

AP retouch entrance, doors etc. every couple of months

design new posters and flyers when Logo is done
for now give old flyers to Ilaria

AP Ilaria to put information on the website
AP Ida to give her photos, description, contacts etc.

AP Anna and Abbey to redecorate, taking more advantage of the height of the room
AP Anna and Ida to source more artists - internet, WASPS, flyering...


is going well! Letter from Alex explaining what they are doing and what needs to be done by the volunteers in order to have a good cooperation has been read out and is now in the shop. Remember, dont let anyone go into the massage corner and be respectful...
AP Alex and Simone to get Shop training so that they can sell things, just in the case there is no volunteer and they want to keep the shop open.


-be on time (half pas twelve)
-clean the entrance (sweep and mop if necessary)
-get people from the kitchen to do the recycling before 1-
AP Ida to speak to KMs about this.

AP Anna to promote volunteering in the Shop inside the Cafe
- preferably among kitchen volunteers that we already know+trust -

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