FOH meeting 6 July

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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FOH meeting 6 July

Post by ravanwin » Tue Jul 07, 2009 11:59 am

Present: Ryan, Kata, Tove

* We are all amazed, astonished, pleased, thrilled and ebullient regarding the massive re-fit in the kitchen and cafe. It looks great and everyone who helped should be really proud and pat themselves on the back.

* FOH team is truly excited about how close the cafe is to being fun and beautiful to be in again. We're really excited to fill the space up with great artwork.

* Mural:

it was decided to let magda paint the big wall and as many surfaces as she wants in the cafe. She'll start on the big wall and will - we believe - project her art work onto it. Volunteers with steady hands will be needed to help trace her lines. She will then fill bits in. So - this will - in some way --- be a group effort. Cost: £250

As part of this project we've decided that Magda will choose a color template for not only her wall but for the rest of the cafe to ensure that her work doesn't fight against the rest of the space. She is quite happy about the black and white in the cafe. The goal - as we see it - is to create a color template for the main room, much the way we used the orange from Marian's mural to lay down a basic theme for the cafe. (blues white and orange)

What this means in practice is that we'll be trying to get the cafe to harmonize with itself again so that it doesn't feel too much like a free-for-all. Should other people want to paint something, change a color, or re-paint a surface --- they will need to consider the effect on the rest of the cafe space and ensure it all works together. It was agreed at the meeting that too often the forest fights itself in terms of color and artwork and we'd like its use to be more considered.

We'll be letting madga choose the basic colours people will work with --- lets say Green --- and so if we repaint the front of the bar it will be repainted green. Then, should others want to contribute artwork to that surface, they'd need to start with the green base. We feel this is a compromise between --- grab any paint can you can find and paint away and utter and total control of the space. Our goal, as we discussed it, was to make the cafe a SLIGHTLY more unified space without impeding people's ability to be artistic and creative.

There may / may not need to be some additional painting in the cafe but we'll let you know after we've spoken to Magda about it.

In essence Magda, Tove and Kata will become curators of the cafe space ensuring that the hard work which was put in over the past week isn't destroyed by randomizing the main space into too many conflicting bits. Magda's goal will be to add illustration to as much of the cafe in the coming year as possible. This will be a truly good thing.

* Sign-age for workshop ---

In order to avoid random painting (which really doesn't happen that often but sometimes does) we'll be putting signs in the workshop area by the paint which ask people NOT to just grab any can and start painting surfaces but rather encourage them to contact myself, tove or kata before embarking on a paint mission. Touch-ups etc should be done using the template Magda has created. New works will need to be discussed with the FOH team, as per usual.

* Tove and Kata - to work on repainting some tables and have been encouraged to find more artists to paint tables and bits which Magda has not used. They will also be looking for cool lighting and sculpture and we talked about the possibility of light boxes above the cafe or somewhere else.

* We discussed evening lighting and hope to install permanent ambient lighting solutions in the cafe pre-august. This may be rope lights, leds or light boxes. Anybody who has any ideas --- please talk to us.

* We would, ultimately, like to cafe to be a place which can display great artwork and istallations. (The tape in the ceiling is still brilliant) and we will be looking to do more things like that which enhance the feel of the cafe as a diverse and multi-disciplined arts space.

* We've not got specific ideas so anyone who does and wants to work with us to make the cafe look better and better --- get in touch. In person, on the bb, or at a meeting.

Yay Forest! We're really amazed with how good the space looks and are truly excited about the future potential.

Again - great job all!

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Re: FOH meeting 6 July

Post by Gandhi » Wed Jul 08, 2009 9:52 am

hallelujah re:colour scheme, nice one. Can't wait to see how the Forest looks. Is Magda's piece going to be on in time for the Fringe?
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