Arts and Crafts Fair

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Arts and Crafts Fair

Post by isabelle » Wed Apr 13, 2005 6:12 pm

To whom it may concern

Hello this might of interest to some of you.
I am an organiser for the Arts and Crafts Fair in the Roxy Art House Edinburgh.
We have been a two year running project. Initially, we created an Arts
and Crafts Fair to promote semi-professional makers. We held a fair
three times a year.
For 2005 due to the interest, we have revised our Fair to include
students makers giving them a chance to learn to exhibit and market
their products. We have found that this provides an
interesting mix of work as well as lift student's profiles to make
quality work.
The first one for the year, will be the Spring Fair on the 30th April
and 1st May.
This will be held in the main church upstairs.
It is a very lovely big traditional ex-church. We fit around
20-25 artists in per day. There is a fully catering cafe which will be
serving food and drinks all day. There is also a small Arts and Crafts
consultancy company who comes and organise activities for children.
I can be contacted through this address and meetings will be arranged
at the Roxy to select work or work can be photographed and emailed.
Exhibitors are responsible to bring their own cloth and display
features. Each person will be provided with a table, a chair and wall
and floor
space. We have places available for one day £20 or two days £30. All
advertising and flyers will be done in house as well.

To apply, please email with name and details and arrange to see sample of work.

Deadline for application is 22nd Aril

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