FuseLit publishes Ryan Van Winkle and Ragland

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FuseLit publishes Ryan Van Winkle and Ragland

Post by ravanwin » Fri Apr 20, 2007 1:02 pm

Hi all,

this is just to let you know I've had a short poem published in a lovely little (A6) pocket size magazine called FuseLit.

Copies are 95p and they come with a CD of music and poetry. Ragland and I contributed an amazing track to the album and, I know, you will enjoy it. It is a full-on poetic soundscape!

So, support myself, Ragland and alternative arts magazines. But a copy of proof here for only 95p!



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Post by Jane » Fri Apr 20, 2007 2:01 pm

Hey, congratulations

that's better than a 77

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Jimmy Bastard
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Post by Jimmy Bastard » Sat Apr 21, 2007 1:36 am

Heard the track, know the folk involved and it's a rare relief when the result reckons above expectations.
The track carries class.
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