walls for sale

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walls for sale

Post by mark » Thu May 26, 2005 11:19 am

like it says in the 'what is forest?' leaflet.

"do whatever you want, just do it"

so i've decided to create an innovative art programme. the walls in the cafe are often blank, so i'm going to sell the wall space (i suppose hire actually) by the month to exciting artists, in exchange for paying £1 per square foot they can exhibit their own work, for free.

i will take half the money (for the hassle of organising and administrating this) and the forest get the other profit half.

i'll put up posters soon - i could do with some help making them though?

also there is the blank space on the staircase, maybe this should be a bit cheaper 70p a square foot and go to less prominent artists?

it costs forest nothing - so is worth it.

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