Chaos Communication Camp, near Berlin, 8th-12th August

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Chaos Communication Camp, near Berlin, 8th-12th August

Post by chombee » Tue Jul 03, 2007 6:03 pm

Looks cool:
Hacking is about thinking for yourself.

Hacking needs a place for meeting, discussing, testing, proving, questioning, designing, redesigning, engineering, reengineering, searching, researching, hacking, phreaking, brainstorming and understanding.

As our world is getting more and more complex, gaining and sharing knowledge is key to survival. There is a need for open communication and a free, unlimited exchange of ideas and concepts.

The Camp is a place to do just that.


The Chaos Communication Camp is an international, five-day open-air event for hackers and associated life-forms. The Camp features two conference tracks with interesting lectures, a workshop-track and over 30 villages providing workshops and gettogethers covering a specific topic.
There´s a video of their 2003 camp on the site. I don´t think it´s an environmental camp like the climate camp though.
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Post by thehemulen » Tue Jul 03, 2007 8:07 pm

chombee, was it you mentioned c-base in relation to (forest) (re-)locations? i think ccc are involved with that space. anyway, c-base is now threatened too (see below). i know another space here that was shut down without warning recently and another great wee place that is having to close in september for the same reason that threatens forest - sale of building. what is it, season for it? are the powers that be ganging up on autonomous cultural happening? anyway, thanks for that camp tip...should check it out - been back to square one this week with a c64!

All frequencies hailing!!

"c-base space station", which is a vital part of Berlin's governmentally
unfunded subculture,
is under pressing threat of closure. Until July, 31th 2007 we have to
come up with several months'
worth of outstanding rent, otherwise we'll be evicted and the space
station will have to close.

If that happens an important and fertile ground for ideas and projects
(e.g. berlin's free wavelan
networks "" and the wikipedia regulars' table ), event
location (e.g. exhibitions, concerts,
open stage sessions) and space for open knowledge transfer and last but
not least a home for creatives,
utopians and space cadets will dissapear from berlin's cultural landscape.

YOU can help to avoid this, by getting engaged and involved: drop by at
our facilities in Rungestrasse and
participate, become a member or just go online and hit the donation
button. (

be future compatible - join the space station rescue team!!

Digg It --> ... of_closure
become a member: Subscribtion form (PDF) -->
to c-base websites -->

c-base e.V.
rungestrasse 20
10179 berlin tc

fon +49 (30) 285 993 00 vorstand @
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Post by Martin » Wed Jul 04, 2007 12:43 am

I was at the 2003 camp and will be going this year too.

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