Forest Fundraiser Visuals! got any pics? vids?

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Forest Fundraiser Visuals! got any pics? vids?

Post by nix » Wed Jul 11, 2007 4:38 pm

:shock: Forest Fundraiser Visuals! :shock:


On Friday the 13th we boogie down the Octopus for The Forest Fundraiser... The place will be full and jumping to some really incredible live sounds from:

St Jude's Infirmary,
Asazi Space Funk Explosion,
Billy Liar,
Jed Milroy
...and in the bar, A Tuberia, Les Enfant Bastard AND MORE...

Do you have Pics or Vids of The Forest or the bands/musicians involved?

There will be video visuals kindly operated by Sammy Dread it would be nice to give him some material to play with.


Can you get then to me ASAP in a nice digital format like .jpg or .avi or .mov or something dot something? I'll be in the cafe.. or .. just lable the CDs or FlashDrives and email me and tell me where to look, or copy them onto the office computer, or something.. yes! party party!

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