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Post by fish » Fri Oct 01, 2004 4:29 pm

Hello all,
I'm fish, but you probably don't know me, which is why I'm posting this.
I don't even live in Edinburgh, so you've probably not seen me either.
I do live in Japan (at the moment), on an internship away from uni in Dundee.
Back home I've been studying Computer Games Technology and I've one year to go when I get back.
I had to visit edinburgh a couple of times to sort out my visa before I left, and I had lunch in the forest, my girlfriend had recommened it.
It's really nice.
So i was sitting here in my room all bored as happens, and thought, i wonder if they have a website.
so her I am.

Hello again!

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Post by thehemulen » Mon Oct 04, 2004 2:37 pm

Hi Fish

happy october

computer games eh? learning thru repetition....

there was talk of a 4rest computer game, but the programmer is on tour with some metal band.

so what to do is tell everyone in japan about 4rest, how great it is, about this website and if they`re ever in bonnie scotia, to pop in for a feast of culture.
also, if you find out about similar cool places, labels, people, kitchens, movements in japan, let us know so we can enrich the network.

saw zion train the other day and the main guy is called perch, perhaps you`re related?

stay cool

The Hemulen

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