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Quiet Feather magazine

Postby mauoz » Fri Aug 26, 2005 2:05 pm

Quiet Feather Magazine Issue 5 is now available from tim@thequietfeather.co.uk. It costs £2.50 or you can get a 4-issue subscription for £9. Issue 5 features fiction by the Broken Family Band's Steven Adams, artwork and poetry by Half Cousin, Hush the Many, Bandyleg, Things in Herds and Tunng, Joanna Newsom's lyrics, a Green Man article by Jo Bartlett, and a recipe by Danseizure...

It also contains: William Burrough's Tangiers, Camp X-Ray, an interview with cartoonist Jeffrey Brown, Count Lustig - the world's greatest ever conman, plus plenty more.

We're also always looking out for new submissions. See http://www.thequietfeather.co.uk to get an idea of the kind of thing we like (NB I haven’t got the QF5 details online yet – I’ll get my act together soon though). The more eclectic the better, basically.

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