joyful flag hung on wall in cafe?

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joyful flag hung on wall in cafe?

Post by amelia » Mon Apr 14, 2008 12:11 pm

Greetings. Alex reminded me of the protocol when I climbed a ladder to string a coloured banner on the cafe wall. I donate my flag -of Tibetan influence and origin but altered for wider appeal- to the cafe and felt it appropriate and lovely and wonder if others are agreeable. It hung on my verandah in my home in Maleny Australia. It is not a full banner but six joined small brightly coloured rectangle flags re happiness;courage;tranquility;wisdom;peace;love.

I considered the flag good for the cafe as it reminds people of a bigger purpose, age old wisdom we adhere to here, encouragement and strength for those who see it and, of the philosophy underlying everything that is done at the forest. On an energetic level, the colours are of a vibration that are healing and give strength to our chakras (energy wheels) and the wording is explainatory and encouraging for our mental attunement and spiritual growth (if desired). In short... joyful.

I will carry it around a short while in case another opportunity to climb a ladder and put it up comes my way. I felt over the front cnr window to reinforce the volunteers working there but was unable to get up high enough so then felt over the door near the books was a good place so people passed under it on their way to different choice events/workshops and into the core of the organisation.

What do you feel or think?
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Post by ravanwin » Wed Apr 16, 2008 1:45 pm

um - in my humble opinion - thanks but no thanks. we've have similar things up in the past and I like to evolve: no repeats. though - maybe it is tweaked in a shockingly awesome way that i have not the capacity to vision.

thanks though!

(anyone else saying anything? FOH crew?)


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