Help needed over the next few days...

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Help needed over the next few days...

Post by lucky » Tue May 13, 2008 2:39 pm


We're doing cool today, no panic, no panic.

Tonight we have a last minute booking. 9pm, Pheonix Street. 2 guitars, 2 vocals, one stage, one world to conquer. All original material.

Wed 14th we need 9-close. Kim's playing his 78s. "When?" I hear you cry. Funnily enough, it's 7-8pm.

Thurs 15th we need 5-10, a Night Manager, 7-close, 9-close. It's a day full of events.
5pm, Gudrun is playing a Debussy set. Classic!
From 7pm we have the tasty, gummy, hurts your teeth but you don't regret it 'Turkish Delight.' Flute player, sufi poetry recited by Alistair Taylor.
THEN, as if you haven't had enough, there's Tropical Psychobilly Soul. The highly funky 'Ruby & The Emeralds'. I don't know if I can keep myself away!!!!

Fri 16th we need 5-10, 7-close, 9-close.
7pm we got 'My Brother John.' He's all about the decks, effects, performance art, spoken word and mime.
9pm it's 'The Cosmic Underground.' Live visual projection. Neo-pshchedlia from Japanese and local musos.

Sat 17th we need 12-5, 3-8, 5-10, a Night Manager, 7-close, 9-close and a small miracle.
It's a full night. 7pm-12midnight it's Namaste Edinburgh. Acoustic music and DJs. Acoustic music and DJs..... you would think people doing 7 hours would have more to say for themselves. Ah, I trust it will be good.

And I will be sailing over to Norn Irn. Yeah!

Come help if you can.

Laters, A*

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