The Meadows Festival!!! June 7th and 8th! Free. Massive!

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The Meadows Festival!!! June 7th and 8th! Free. Massive!

Post by ravanwin » Tue May 27, 2008 7:22 pm

June 7th and 8th. Meadows. Noon - 5pm! Check it.

Ok, Y'all - We've got a massive 2 day line-up of great music, drink and dancing on the Meadows for you. We'll be selling delicious cask beer from the Heather Ale company and the following musical delights will be available to you! Check it ---

Noon - The Golden Hour with: Claire Askew, Jane Flett, Jack Richold, Poor Edward, Billy Liar and (we hope) Les Enfant Bastard

1pm: DJ!

1:20: Massive Mellow: good time tunes. a bit of pop a bit of hip hop, a lot of massive!

2pm: DJ!

2:20: Withered Hand:
Brilliant musicians who can make a party party.

3pm: DJ

3:40: Asazi Space Funk Explosion!!! (till 5 or later if possible....) The greatest SPACE FUNK BAND ON THE PLANET. 100% unstoppable. They are relentless.

Sunday 8th:

Noon: The Tuberians: music from another country, another time, another universe.

1pm: DJ!

1:20: Black Diamond Express
The hardest working, best dressed band in town. Swinging, hard-hitting, beer swinging genius.

2pm: DJ!

2:20: Little Tito and The Wolves:
Ack, a bit of the Balkans and wherever for ya. Ya love it.

3pm: DJ!

3:40 Black Cat <till>
THE LEGENDARY BalkanaRama musical Orgy instrumental fest. The all dancing, all loving amazing brilliant BLACK CAT!

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