Ecotopia Biketour 2008 - Bulgaria and Turkey

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Ecotopia Biketour 2008 - Bulgaria and Turkey

Post by dan » Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:46 am


*_Roll up! Roll up! It's the great Ecotopia Biketour 2008 extravaganza!_**

Where? *Bulgaria and Turkey*

When? *2nd July - 14th August

*** Registration now open at
<http> ***

Ecotopia Biketour is a mobile community that comes together for
several weeks, in a different part of Europe each summer. The tour
provides a sustainable way to reach the Ecotopia gathering organized
each year by EYFA (European Youth for Action).

This year - for the first time - Ecotopia Biketour goes beyond Europe,
pushing deep into Anatolia. Beginning on 2nd July in Sofia (Bulgaria),
the tour will cross the hills of Bulgaria before reaching Istanbul and
taking in the Turkish Black sea coast. Reaching the Ecotopia gathering
near Sinop on the 14th August. Along the route, the Biketour links with
local action groups and communities to support their campaigns. In Sof?a
and Istanbul local activists have called a day of action on renewable
sources and alternat?ve forms of transport to coincide with the Biketour's
visit. In Krumovgrad (Bulgaria) the tour will meet an activist commun?ty
which has succesfully resisted gold mining. Preparations are be?ng made
for protests against planned nuclear and thermic power plants ?n Turkey
and together with local groups we will raise awarenes on the damag?ng
of planned oil pipelines through Bulgar?a and Turkey.

Ecotopia Biketour is suitable for a broad range of abilities and is not
limited to the super-fit. All participants carry their own luggage and
anyone who feels able can take a turn pulling communal equipment in one
of the tour's bike-trailers. Decisions are made together on a consensus
basis and participants share tasks such as cooking. Accommodation is
usually camping. Participants pay a small participation fee based on the
Eco-rates system, meaning that costs should reflect the cost of living in
your home country.

If you are interested in environmental issues, willing to take an
active part in the group, and you have a bicycle, then Ecotopia Biketour
is for you.


General information:
Detailed info on the route, actions and accommodation: <http>
Join the biketour mailing list at:
or e-mail your questions: yolanda (at)

More info:
Ecotopia: or:
European Youth For Action (EYFA): <http>

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