"Visions for a Humane Future" EUROPEAN YOUTH CONFE

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"Visions for a Humane Future" EUROPEAN YOUTH CONFE

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“Visions for a Humane Future”
European Youth Conference July 17-22, 2008
For Young People aged 18 -30

Created by Weg der Mitte, Germany´s leading association
for Holistic Health, Education & Social Services

Based at Kloster Gerode, Weg der Mitte`s second beautiful . community & healing centre in the heart of Germany

“Visions for a Humane Future” provides a unique opportunity for young people to meet, share and create their visions for living life in a way that is meaningful at every level. This fundamental theme will be explored at the individual level and in the context of relationships, community, society and globally. The approach is holistic and developmental, attending to the need for living in balance within ourselves, as key to actively contributing towards the creation of harmony and healing within society and in our relationship with the environment.

Specific topics for discussion and exploration will be tailored to the interests and needs of participants. The experience of living in community and awareness of the environment will be woven into the programme naturally within the setting of the conference. Participants will have the opportunity to initiate, explore and develop themes using a range of creative, practical and theoretical activities. These will include voice and music; yoga, body work and meditation; seminars, debates and discussions; dance and theatre games; nature walks and practical, on site projects. This learning will be integrated through supervision in small and large group settings, with the aim of establishing a network to extend beyond the conference. This is designed to support the integration, manifestation and further development of visions and projects that are fostered.

An ancient Benedictine site and now a thriving community, education and health centre, Kloster Gerode forms the ideal environment for the conference, set in beautiful, natural surroundings in the heart of Germany. Organised by Weg der Mitte, Germany’s first Nonprofit Association dedicated to holistic medicine, health education and social services, founded in 1977 in Berlin. The conference is sponsored by the EU “Youth in Action” Programme and facilitated by a well established and internationally recognised leadership team.

The costs of attendance, accomodation and food for participants are considerably subsidised at 125 Euros (that´s about 100 pounds) for everything! Inclusive of the full programme, vegetarian food and lodging in the tent village (tents and facilities are provided). Not only that – you will also receive a reimbursement of up to 70% of your travel costs!

The work of Weg der Mitte “The Middle Way” holds our vision to deepen understanding for each other by integrating different points of view, and by going beyond duality or polarization. We are interdenominational and respect cultural and religious values of all traditions. Our work is based on holistic thinking and comprehensive ways of acting.

For more info & to book your place at this amazing event:
- See the flyer attached
- Checkout our website http://www.wegdermitte.de, click on the GB flag (for translation) then click on the stars (for the youth conference)
- Driop us a line at klostergerode@wegdermitte.de
- Give us a tinkle on 0049 36072 8200 :D

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