artoscopic experiment - open submissions

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artoscopic experiment - open submissions

Post by Shannon » Fri Jul 18, 2008 8:38 pm

"artoscopic experiment" <artoscopic>
The Artoscopic Experiment is back
open submissions

7-9pm (for 2 hours only) 22nd august St Leonards railway tunnel (innocents railway)

(Calling all artists or anyone with creative intent) the space is St Leonards railway tunnel in edinburgh
it is aprox quartermile both ways so thats potentially half a mile of space up for grabs lengthways but width is aprox just over a metre gutter space and quite high walls 4 metre aprox

The main path must remain clear exceptions made for temporary performances as it is a cycle path in constant use people and bikes zooming up and down

set up at around 5.30 - 7pm just turn up with your piece and thats that
exhibition starts in the middle of the tunnel and spreads out both ends from this point

recommended set ups keep it simple and ultra portable and light (flatpack) fast to set up and take down dont use anything you cant afford to lose or be damaged (not that they will but just in case)

this is a great opportunity to flex your creative powers as the space is a challenge (some great grafitti in there) but overall it is quite a dynamic space the photos on the website look dark but it is reasonably lit your eyes adjust when you are in
wear warm clothing last time it was quite windy outside so it created a bit of a wind tunnel

this could be your everest

note: there is no funding so any help with anything would be amazing
drinks etc

thanks to everyone that took part and contributed last year it it worked well and was a great success

email questions or proposals or anything else about the event

for pictures and reviews of last years event check out

as part of the Embassy Gallery annuale

thank you
look forward to seeing you there
sandy @ Artoscopic

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