social centres network meeting - anyone want to go?

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social centres network meeting - anyone want to go?

Post by Shannon » Mon Sep 01, 2008 6:34 pm

The UK social centres network is holding another meeting. Could be a good chance to check out another autonomous, collectively-run space and maybe visit Matthew in Bristol?? The network put out a reader on social centres called 'What is this place?' a few months ago and we have an article in it (see They are good peoples and it would be great if someone helped Forest keep in touch with the network.

If there is an Action meeting soon maybe this could be discussed on the agenda? Forest paid my train fare to the last meeting of the network a couple of years ago.


Hello all,

Just a gentle reminder that a Social Centres Network Meeting has
been called for Sunday 14th September at Kebele Social Centre,
Bristol (see for details on how to get there).

So far we've had accepted invites from Gerrard in Reading, Ben in
London, Paul in Leeds, Alice and Brighton and Markos from
Cambridge. Can those and whoever else plans to come email back to
KEBELESOCIALCENTREatRISEUP.NET (not me) to say when they need crash space and for how many people.

We've got crash space available for the Friday and Saturday nights
(and maybe sunday if needed), and can feed you breakfast lunch and tea each day, so it won't cost an arm and a leg, especially if you let the train take the strain. Remember, platform 1 from INSIDE
Bristol Temple Meads is where to get the local train to stapleton
road, a lovely, open platform with lovely murals, very close to

Bristol's first (in ages) Anarchist Bookfair is happening nearby on
the saturday, and its come together pretty fucking nicely, I don't
mind telling you. 18 stalls selling everything the enquiring mind
would need and a tip-top line up of workshops (list attached).

The proposed agenda for the Social Centres Network meeting is
relaxed, and gives plenty of time for catching up and small-scale

Morning Session 11am – 1pm:
"Organising SC speaking tours, film tours and campaigning" –
discussion on how to get more tours, work out how we can create a
support structure to allow more groups to get out and about, create
a wishlist of who to invite to tour etc.

Lunch 1 – 2pm

2pm – 3.30pm: break into smaller groups to have specific
discussions (we've got 5 different rooms we can use), show a film,
set off for the journey home or take a longer lunch and catch up
with old friends! We've already had one proposal for a meeting – a
discussion about the april2008 days of action and the subsequent representation and involvement of UK spaces in the interspace meeting held near Berlin last month.

3.30pm to 5pm: "What effect will the coming global recession /
depression have and what answers do we as social centres have for
the disaffected?"

Evening: There will be crash space if people want to stay around to
carry on the debate, opening it up to those who've come in for the
regular sunday evening cafe.

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Re: social centres network meeting - anyone want to go?

Post by Roman » Mon Sep 01, 2008 7:28 pm

I think it will be great if someone from the Forest will be presented for this gathering.
Action group meeting is on same day 14th of September, so someone have to be nominated before to go.
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