events sub-commitee meeting (minutes post and respond)

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events sub-commitee meeting (minutes post and respond)

Postby ravanwin » Tue Nov 01, 2005 9:29 pm

Present; Ryan, Nix, Kim, Alex

Largely this meeting was spent identifying problems.

1) We need to find more creative people. Forest Wants you To Play posters should be up in cool places. This should be the job of promotions person. Promotions person?

2) However, we need more people. Volunteers must understand that they can contribute to and help make awesome events every night. Volunteers are officially empowered.
Action: more open meetings. Every Fort-night on Tuesdays. Next meeting. Tue. 15th. 7.15 pm.
Action: Nix makes a poster. Ryan will contact napier looking for students who may want work experience. Alex will call his friend.

3) Promotions: curently, there is little to none. We need a strong events manager and/or a strong sub commitee to run events. Events Chair will be elected by sub-commitee after no less then 3 meetings.

4) There was a general feeling that the curent pa in the cafe is too big and sounds crap in our small room. It is too difficult to use and should be smaller and more plug and play style. The sub-commitee respectfully asks the commitee to amend the large pa set up to something more suitable for the space and to have a regular stereo with well placed speakers for playing background music. Sound engineers of the forest are having a meeting soon. sub-committee asks that this point be discussed. IT SHOULD BE EASY FOR PERFORMERS TO PLAY. (if anyone wants to help with this, please email me.)

5) performers do not feel welcome. it is decided that along with the events book there should be an a6 info. flyer with contact info. and usefull tips like: feel free to move the furniture, ask for a tea or coffee etc etc
action: nix to make a6 flyer for events drawer.

6)the idea of the corkage table is generally aproved of. (live acts and special events can get half of corkage by setting up a corkage table on the door) however, it is sugested that instead of paying £50 for events posters we give bands a universal flat fee for playing. suggested: £1. it is suggested that volunteers be allowed to vote on such ideas. Also, note, that there is some nervousness that bands may over encourage binge drinking to make a profit. action: we wait and see. corkage table person can act as a deterent to potential trouble.

7) agreed that the state of events is good: in the last week we've had the Ben-TD brilliant, volunteer party, amazing, the tuberians grand, the mirror vs. screen was an incredible sucess and the political program was good. we are good we can be great.

so, this is the meeting. as there were very few it is hard to institute any major changes. so, come and have a say in what happens in your space. the more we work together to make events awesome and fun and cool the more fun it will be and the more events will be awesome and fun and cool. see you in a fortnight at 7.15


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