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Post by James » Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:03 pm


STOP TESCO OWNING PAISLEY are a new campaign group, set up to oppose Tesco's plans for 136,000 ft2, 24 Hour Tesco Extra store at Wallneuk Industrial Estate on Renfrew Road. Using a mixture of techniques including political lobbying, publicity stunts and online networking, the campaign group hopes that the plans will be rejected by councillors when the planning application comes up for review.

Local Barman and community activist Jimmy Kerr said:

Paisley has never seen anything like this place, it will sell close to a hundred thousand different goods, taking trade that is desperately needed by traders in other parts of the town.

Jimmy, 33, has campaigned on a range of issues in Paisley through The Scottish Socialist Party, but insists that the campaign is non political, adding:

We are a broad based campaign, supported by the local trades council, local environmentalists, Paisley Transition Town, the local SSP Branch and even local councillors from other parties.

Tesco have a controversial history in Paisley and in 2007 were given planning permission for a store almost half the size of the new proposal, despite the planning officer's recommendation of refusal due to the impact on the town centre. This was due to a massive campaign by supporters of St Mirren FC, the local football team, who sold their ground to Tesco for £15 Million in a deal saw a new staduim built and their debts wiped out.

The campaigners have echoed other recent anti-Tesco campaigns by highlighting the retail giant's relationship with suppliers, it's impact on the food industry, it's impact on the environment, it's alleged abuse of the planning system and alleged landbanking. They have not ruled out direct action, but at this stage, they insist that the application must be fought using planning grounds and through the planning system

Jimmy said:

The proposals are clearly against the local plan, and as such will probably be recommended for refusal again, so it's the councillors, that we must concentrate our efforts on convincing. If this fails, then the application goes to the Scottish Government an it is to there we must turn. If that fails then it's simply a declaration of war and at that stage we will consider civil disobediance and other forms of direct action.

for further details please contact Jimmy Kerr on 07856799449 or email jk033446 AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk


Article on Tesco:

Publicity Stunt ... host-town/

Jimmy Kerr

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Post by milk » Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:50 pm

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Post by amelia » Tue Jan 06, 2009 11:38 am

Supermarkets are inconvenient in everyway, though they were originally promoted as 'convenience'. There could be formed an enormous list of the inconveniences that I haven't time for right now, no doubt cooperatives could assist in this also and prob there's one nearby with handouts on it?

Economic arguments are needed as they are solely economy driven.

At this time of financial crisis this may be easier except for those needing to be in denial and to just be 'safe' operating in familiarity with the following 'safe' feelings when they succeed, as a tescoes, is usually, a guaranteed win.

Woolworths have just folded I believe with hundreds of thousands ? of jobs lost round the UK. Supermarkets were promoted for also for their monopoly on profit, but this argument is risky now. Remind people woolworths is a supermarket as is tescoes is a supermarket - using reasonable doubt that tescoes will live on through a financial blackhole.

Mention also 'Emsworth', the village without a supermarket near Havant ? in North Portsmouth?. It promotes itself as a tourist attraction, it has lovely healthy little shops and it is destined to live a better life than the villages/towns with a superinconvenientmarket!

sorry for the rush reply. My town here had a big supermarket fight before I was here, and still the local IGA- that gives a % back to the community does better trading.

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