The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Postby rafik » Wed Dec 21, 2005 7:19 pm


As some of you may know, i want to do a Rocky Horror Picture Show event at the end of january. If you have no idea of what i am talking about, just ask other people or have a wee look at (the thing that interest us the most here is the "cult following" section).

Here some of the Things that must be talked about:

1) Date
I was thinking of doing the event on the last Saturday of January around 8-9-10 PM, but is seems that traditionnally there's a volunteer party around this time.

I believe some people might strongly disagree, but, as there is nothing planned yet for a Janurary vollie party (I think), well, would it not be a good idea to make the RHPS the volunteer party itself?

2) Poster
I don't know how to do this. Ryan told me that someone who volunteered to make the poster for the Futurity might be interested to do the one for Rocky. The thing is that I don't know who is she or how to contact her. So if you are reading this (or anybody else who is interested), please make yourself known. Nothing too hard really, just some images and the infos for the night. I can find some images for you if you want.

That is all i can think of for now.


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Postby Green » Wed Dec 21, 2005 8:21 pm

hey rafik

that poster person ryan told you about is me

im still happy to produce something if you need it

not in edinburgh right now but will be returning on the 28th december for new year etc.

i could come into the forest or you could just let me know the details you want on the poster and any ideas you had via email...
me =

so yeh, my name's jess

i emailed ryan for your address but mysteriously got no reply so its cool to touch base


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