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Dear Activist

Keo films, makers of campaigning films such as ‘Tesco, Chickens and Hugh Too’ and ‘Hugh’s Chicken Run’, would like to invite 4-6 young Amish on a cultural exchange with young British people of different walks of life. One of the groups of young British people we'd like to introduce the young Amish to is a group of activsts between the ages of 17 and 22 and we’d like to hear from any young activists who would be interested in participating in the programme.

KEO films has already produced a series of cultural exchange programmes like this which turns anthropology on its head by inviting members of foreign communities to come and visit the UK. We have found that the visitors can offer us valuable insights and stimulates debate about how we should be living in the modern world. Last year we made the BAFTA nominated ‘Meet The Natives’ series in which 5 tribesmen from a remote island in the South Pacific travelled to the UK to experience British culture.

The latest series of four hour long documentaries we are making for Channel 4 involves a group of 4-5 Amish from America in their late teens/early twenties. We want to gain an understanding of the perspective that a young Amish adult with their strong values of family, community and self sufficiency might bring to life in the UK .

We believe that the traditional Amish way of life offers a very valuable counterpoint to our modern society which is increasingly defined by fractured communities, self obsessed individuals and rampant consumerism. We hope that the Amish, their fellowship and their respect for their community will inspire and encourage the English to reconsider where their priorities lie.

We would like to film one of the four hour long films with young activists. Amish love gardening, live without electricity or cars, run farms without machinery and grow their own food. We would hope to film the Amish getting involved in activist campaigns and activities – be it working on an allotment, working with asylum seekers, participating in the no to ID campaigns or participating in deliveries of organic boxes.

Amish pretty apolitical and do not vote in elections. We would like the audience to learn from their environmental approach to life whilst at the same time introducing the Amish (and the audience) to ideas of political activism. Also, Amish leave school at 14 and start work straight away. Many regret not having been able to study longer, which is the reason we think it might be particularly interesting for Amish to stay with student activists. The Amish would stay with their hosts for one week.

We believe that for activists this documentary offers a valuable opportunity to bring the principles of activism to a wider audience. If you think you might be interested in participating, I’d be very grateful if you could contact me ASAP on 07815 074 344 or at In the meantime, if you would like to know more about Keo Films and our output, please go to

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Anne-Claire Pilley
Anne-Claire Pilley

KEO north
Glasgow Film City
Room 308
401 Govan Road
G51 2QJ
M : +44 (0) 7815 074 344
T : +44 (0) 141 440 6919

KEO films is an independent production company. A full company background can be seen at

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